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Announcement of the successful candidates for the International Creator Residency Program 2010!

Thank you very much for your interest in the International Creator Residency Program 2010. We selected 3 creators as the result of the screening by the jury.


Participating Creators:


Juan López Díez (Spain)
Alexander Kershaw (Australia)

Ei Arakawa (United States)

Residency period: From the beginning of January 2011 to the beginning of April 2011


Jury's review:

Visual Art, Video, Curation

In recent years, nonphysical expressions often come across in the visual art world, to name a few, the revalidation of the Visual Art reached new heights of its prosperity around 1960-70's and the aspiration for new performative expressions were also to be observed through the screening of the applications.

There were intriguing applications whose purposes of the residency are for the search of cultural identity, which seems to be very characteristic of a residency program and the interactive or social research based projects.  The applications selected after the thoughtful consideration are the works which have aesthetically outstanding feature while it shows the awareness of the social and political issues, or the works which bring the playfulness across the boundaries of different cultures.  From over 80 enthusiastic applications, 3 creators with much potential for future growth were selected.

(Mori Art Museum Chief Curator, Mami Kataoka)


There were many applications from more competent artists than the past applications.  In the final process of selecting the successful candidates, the jury discussed about the selection in depth.   The perspective towards the society and the highly finished works by Alexander Kershaw, and the graphical and strong expression by Juan López Díez represents the most outstanding ability among all candidates.  Ei Arakawa is also one of the artists with much potential for future growth.  I was very pleased that the three competent artists have been selected for the program, and strongly hope that the program will be the good opportunity for their future growth in many different ways.


(21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Associate Director, Noriko Kawakami)



*The residents need to obtain approval in advance in order to use food or beverage for the events in TWS Aoyama:Creator-in-Residence.