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Extention of deadline for Open Call: Research Residency Program 2013!

*We have extended deadline to 4 December,2012!
Please download new Application Package with the additional sheet.
Tokyo Wonder Site is calling for both international and local creators who are planning to undergo cultural study or research based in Tokyo. Please apply to stay at TWS Aoyama: Creator-in-Residence taking advantage of the Research Residency Program.

■Residency Period (Subject to change): 
About 1-2 months from the beginning of April 2013 to the end of March 2014 
■Number of Applications to be Accepted: 
Limited to a small number of creators.
■Application period:
From 21 September (Fri) to 20 November (Tue), 2012 4 December, 2012

*Application Form must arrive at TWS Aoyama no later than 20 November (Tue)  4 December, 2012 by post. Application Form must be sent either by certified mail or traceable delivery.

■Application Outline and Form (new version):

Please download the Application Package and send your application with two letters of recommendation to TWS Aoyama: Creator-in-Residence by following the guidelines noted in the Application Outline.
Application Package_Research

 * Those of you who have already sent the Application Package to us, the additional sheet can be sent separately by e-mail to:



* Please make enquiries only by e-mail no later than 20 October 2012. We will update FAQ on Tokyo Wonder Site's website after 31 October 2012. We would like to refrain from making comments regarding a specific applicant's inquiry.
■Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q.1  Please let me know how I should apply. 
A.  Please download the Application Package from the above in this page and find detailed information and send your filled Application Package to TWS by post until deadline.
Q2.  We are artists' duo/group. Is it possible for us to apply together in one single application form with single project? Do we share a room?
A.  Group artists are acceptable. However, the Application Forms should be filled in separately from individual creators. Please make sure to send the forms together. TWS will arrange the room for the artists before residency dates.

Q3.  I am required to submit the application form including two recommendation letters. Is it acceptable to send scanned copies of the recommendation letters or must they be original letters? If they are originals, is it possible to have them returned?
A.   Please send two original recommendation letters(written in English or Japanese). Submitted documents are non returnable.

Q4. Is there any information about TWS Aoyama: Creator-in-Residence?
A.  Please visit the following website. URL: 
Q5.  I would like to produce works while I do research on my subject. Would this combined method of working process fit the research residency program? Or is it more oriented to academic or theoretical research?
A.   If your main purpose of the residency is to do research or produce works, of which subject is related to "Tokyo" and shows great dedication to the development of art and cultural activities in Tokyo as is noted in the Eligibility, you are eligible.

Q6.  Do you accept applications sent by e-mail?
A.   Only applications by post are accepted and please make sure to send the Application Form either by certified mail or traceable delivery.

Q7.  Do you require certain level of Japanese language skills?
A.   Artists wishing to apply to the program are required to have sufficient ability to communicate in English.

Q8.  What sorts of facilities/support do TWS offer to the successful candidates?
A.  Please read the outline<Residence Facilities>. TWS staff are happy to assist you and your research during your residency.

Q9. I was wondering if it includes any support in covering the cost of travel to Japan.
Does TWS provide any grants towards production and expenses or any other kind of financial supports whilst in Tokyo? 
A   TWS do not provide any financial support but provide accommodation.
Q10. Do you know any funding bodies which would support us for the residency program at TWS?
A.  Unfortunately, we do not have any information about funds or grants.

Q11. May I send two recommendation letters to TWS separately from my application?
A.  Two original letters of recommendation have to be sent together with your application form.

Q12. I am a practicing curator/researcher/journalist/cultural worker/designer. Is the residency program only open to artists?
A.  The program is aimed at creators who are working in the field of visual art, architecture, design, music, performing art, research and curation.

Q13.  Is it possible to travel around Japan for research, or am I restricted to remain in Tokyo?
Do I have to fund myself for additional accommodation and travel expenses elsewhere in Japan, or is there any help?
A.  Artists participating in the program are expected to focus on their research during the residency at TWS Aoyama. If you would like to travel within Japan for your research, you have to submit a form of schedule of absence in advance and it will be by your own expense.

Q14. I applied TWS residency program 2012. is my application still valid for the next year??
A.  Please send application forms for the residency program you wish to apply even your project is same or similar to that in last year.
Q15. it's not possible to bring my family stay. Is this right?
A.  TWS does not accept other family members to stay.
Q16. Should I fill in the application form in Japanese? and are the recommendation letters can be written in Japanese as well?
A. Please fill in the application form in English and the form in Japanese will be acceptable. The recommendation letters must be written in English or Japanese.
Q17. Are poets eligible to apply for both Institutional Recommendation Program 2013 and Research Residency Program2013?
A. We accept applications from various field including visual art, architecture, curation, design, cultural research, sound & music, performing art and literature and writing. So you are eligible to apply for the programs.