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Open Call for Exhibition Proposals of Emerging Artists Support Program 2014


Established for the purpose of supporting and training young individuals aspiring to plan and host art exhibitions, this part of the "Emerging Artist Support Program" is open to proposals of concrete exhibition plans from the general public. With the support of TWS, the selected plans will be given the opportunity to stage actual exhibitions at TWS Hongo.

In this time of significant transitions, we have come to a point at which we reconsider the very foundations of our mission at the forefront of art and culture, along with the meaning of staging exhibitions, and other issues that have been taken for granted without much examination in the past. Against the backdrop of a multifarious, fluctuating global community, our approach to value standards and information is changing, and the act of "curating" along with the underlying philosophies has come under critical review. In addition, endeavors aiming to capture reality through a redefinition of art based on artistic practices and processes at large, rather than on artworks as objects, have become increasingly prominent.

How can we commit to society and break new collaborative ground, not only by way of possible new forms of artistic expression, but also through the exhibition format itself as a stage for expression?
TWS is calling for plans designed to re-examine the framework of the "exhibition" as we know it, while thoroughly investigating together what functions it can fulfill.


Application Overview
Calling for exhibition proposals, which will be held at Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS) Hongo. 1 project for 1 applicant.

Form of Support by TWS
・Providing a gallery space in TWS Hongo
・Promotions (Flyer, Website, SNS, Mail magazine, Press release, etc.)
・Partial coverage of exhibition costs: 400,000yen
*The amount will be deducted 10.21% (20.42% for participants living abroad) as income tax and special reconstruction income tax.

Exhibition Period (tentative)
・January 24, 2015 - February 22, 2015
・February 28, 2015- March 29, 2015
(Installation: 3 days, Deinstallation: 1 day)

・Age 40 or under at the end of March, 2015.
・Be able to take responsibility for planning, installation and execution of an exhibition.
*TWS does not support installation or deinstallation for an exhibition.
・Applicants who pass the first selection must attend the interview in the second selection between the end of April and the beginning of May, 2014 (tentative).

Application Fee
2,000 yen (Non-Refundable)

Application Deadline *2 steps are required to complete an application 
1. Entry [by E-mail]:15:00, March 18 (Tue.), 2014
2. Send application forms [by post]:17:00, March 21 (Fri.), 2014

Panel of Judges
・Kenji Kai (Director, Activity Support Department of Sendai Mediatheque)
・Yoshitaka Mouri (Sociologist / Associate Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts)
・Yukinori Yanagi (Artist)
・Ryuichiro Mori (Program Director, Tokyo Wonder Site)

How to Apply
Download the application forms bellow.

Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo
*We accept inquiries only by E-mail.