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Emerging Artist Support Program 2008 - on concrete -

  • Date:
    2009.03.21(Sat) - 2009.04.19(Sun)
    11:00 - 19:00
    Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
    Curation: Yuko Kamei
    Support: British Council / Goethe-Institut Japan
    TWS Hongo
    Yuko Kamei / Jörg Obergfell / Sebastian Stumpf

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3/21 (Sat.) 16:00-  Opening Reception
3/22 (Sun.) 13:30-15:00  Artist's Talk

Emerging Artist Support Program 2008

Emerging Artists Support Program 2008:Right after its opening in 2001, Tokyo Wonder Site launched the "TWS-Emerging" series with the aim to foster young creators. In addition to this program for artists, a support program for aspiring planners (curators) was implemented in 2006, inviting young exhibition organizers to apply with concrete plans for art shows.

There is concrete, asphalt and metal. There is some brick and wood. Every once in a while there is a tree. It is no mystery why the tree is there: someone planned it, just like everything is planned - and then falls apart
(Mark Mardon 1986).

This exhibition brings together three artists who operate in various settings of the urban realm. With unexpected yet pragmatic actions, each artist directs our attention to the physicality of a space and questions its meaning. Yuko Kamei's, Jörg Obergfell's and Sebastian Stumpf's images resonate the humour of early silent film, and illustrate their own unique poetry. Their interventions in front of the camera stimulate awareness of repetition and variation, of artistic pose and authentic movement.
The resulting videos and photographs could be described as performance documentations, however the emphasis is on the fact that the images are not merely recordings of artworks, but they are the actual works. They capture the key moments that carry the essence of the whole procedure. Accordingly, it is the viewer's attention that completes the sequence by going back and forth between the figure and the surrounding space both inside and outside the picture frame.
(Organizer: Yuko Kamei)


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