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Emerging Artist Support Program 2008 - WONDER BANG! -

  • Date:
    2009.03.21(Sat) - 2009.04.19(Sun)
    11:00 - 19:00
    Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
    Curation: Hikaru Miyakawa
    Cooperate: Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Arts 3F Paris – Cergy
    TWS Hongo
    Ludovic Jecker / Rumi Kawamura / Camille Laurelli / Mario Maffei / Luc Mattenberger / Hikaru Miyakawa / Gianni Motti / Georges Rey / Yann Vanderme

■Related events:   Finished.
3/21 (Sat.)  16:00- Opening Reception
                 17:00- Gallery Talk
3/22 (Sun.) 15:30-17:00 Georges Rey Symposium


Emerging Artist Support Program 2008

Emerging Artists Support Program 2008:Right after its opening in 2001, Tokyo Wonder Site launched the "TWS-Emerging" series with the aim to foster young creators. In addition to this program for artists, a support program for aspiring planners (curators) was implemented in 2006, inviting young exhibition organizers to apply with concrete plans for art shows.

This exhibition titled "Wonder Bang!" introduces works on the theme of existentialism by a total of nine artists from France, Switzerland, Italy and Japan. Gianni Motti built his work around audio recordings of an artificial Big Bang created at the European Organization for Nuclear Research. For overflow, Rumi Kawamura licked candies and stuck them on a wall. Georges Rey shows Fumee, a 3-minute video of smoke. Mario Maffei incorporates in his prayer drawing Evangelization Station a variety of taboos; and Camille Laurelli presents the installation sans titre, a mountain of shredded 20 Euro notes. The works on display were made with many different modes of expression and while denying the inherent, underlying
nature of things, to suggest alternative value concepts other than that of utility. The show inspires visitors to ponder what may have caused the Big Bang that marked the beginning of the universe, and maybe it will even provide some clues for possible further interrogations. The event was designed as an occasion to look under the reverberations of the primordial sonic boom on the chain of discovery and demise that is our own existence.
(Organizer: Hikaru Miyakawa)


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