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  • Date:
    2013.02.27(Wed) - 2013.03.01(Fri)
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    Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
    Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands / Goethe-Institut Tokyo / The Finish Institute in Japan / Japan Finland Contemporary Music Society
    TWS Hongo
Tokyo Experimental Festival (TEF) is a festivity of music and sounds presented by various artists, regardless of the genre, held in Tokyo from which new cultures spread. At TEF vol.7 in February, 2013, last festival's prize winners come back to perform. The five works have been developed and deepened by activities and experiences since last year. Don't miss them!

Please write your name, phone number, date/time/name of the
performance and number of tickets by

E-mail to or FAX to 03-5766-3742

Booking of each performance will be closed by 17:00 on the day before the performance or as soon as the seats are fully reserved.
Payment is accepted at the reception desk on site.

-Grand Prize-
The Paper Ensemble "#9"

Date: February 27 (Wed.), 2013 19:00 start  *Finished.
         February 28 (Thu.), 2013  19:00 start  *Finished.
Ticket: 2,000 yen
Supported by The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture(Fonds BKVB)


"The Paper Ensemble challenges the borders of what we would define as an object, an image or a (musical) sound... by putting these sounds in a specific composition, well timed and precisely played, the sounds attain a musical and performative quality that challenges the visitor's awareness of sound and music in general."  Tanja Elsgeest (Independent Curator, The Netherlands)

As a visual artist and composer / musician, Jochem van Tol (1983-) researches and isolates everyday sounds, everyday materials and thereby develops new media and / or instruments. They are building blocks for his compositions in space, time and form. He tries to catch the magic of a material and enlarges it. This causes poetic, playful and monumental shapes, sound objects, installations and performances.

-Special Prize-
Masayuki Kawai with Ryota Hamasaki "Video Feedback Live Performance"

Date: February 27 (Wed.), 2013  Start at 20:00 *Finished.
Ticket: 2,000 yen


This live performance does not use any computer, any prepared image, or any instrument. Its images and sounds cannot be realized by film and digital image by computer, but only by analog video. Through this live performance audience will directly experience the aesthetic of video different from that of film and digital image. (Co-sponsored by: BENQ Japan Co,. Ltd.)

Masayuki Kawai makes radical and philosophical video works which have been shown in over 30 countries. Stayed in artist-in-residencies in NY, Paris and Israel. He also actively organizes exhibitions and various projects of video art, based on the concept of "Visual Philosophy".
Ryota Hamasaki explores video art to criticize and overcome the present situation of contemporary art.

-Encouragement Prize-
Depuis1975 ―Fumie Hihara + Kazutomo Yamamoto  "Experimental Japanese Traditional Music"

Date: Februrary 28 (Thu.), 2013  Start at 20:00  *Finished.
Ticket: 2,000 yen


An innovative yet traditional Koto/Shamisen player Fumie Hihara and composer Kazutomo Yamamoto who continues to write unique works started this experimental concert in 2008 with the theme of "Pursuing the potential of traditional Japanese instruments to its maximum with contemporary music." The program will include 4 commissioned works, 2 from non-Japanese composers and 2 from Japanese composers living in Europe.

After graduating from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Fumie Hihara began her career in Europe, centered on France where her unique performances have been highly praised.
Kazutomo Yamamoto has won many competitions throughout the world, including 2nd prize at the Toru Takemitsu Composition Award, and JFC Composition Award. His unique works have always been the center of topic.

-Encouragement Prize-
Junichi Sato  "Live Ecolonics!"
Date: March 1 (Fri.), 2013  Start at 19:00  *Finished.
Ticket: 2,000 yen

"Live Ecolonics" is the words that I coined by combining the words, "Ecology" and "Live Electronics". The electricity situation in Japan greatly changed after the nuclear power plant accident on 3.11. Live Ecolonics is a Live Electronics performance by clean energy using the photovoltaic power generation.

Junichi Sato (born in Chiba, 1981) is a Japanese saxophonist. He earned a Ph.D in music at Tokyo National University of the Arts, and became the first Ph.D in the area of saxophone in Japan. He plays an active part in the field of contemporary music and receives a high evaluation.


-Encouragement Prize-
Syo Yoshihama "Blindness"
Date: March 1 (Fri.), 2013  Start at 20:30  *Finished.
Ticket: 1,500 yen


"Blindness" is a sound installation work and workshop that let us listen carefully for sounds that we usually miss hearing.

Syo Yoshihama was born in Okinawa, JAPAN in 1985. He graduated from Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, and lives in Naha (prefectural capital of Okinawa).
He produces works focusing on events that are found in relation with sounds.