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  • Date:
    2013.07.13(Sat) - 2013.09.23(Mon)
    7/16, 22, 29, 8/5, 12, 19, 26, 9/2, 17
    11:00 - 19:00
    Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
    ASIALINK / Australia Council for the Arts / RMIT (Australia), Ashkal Alwan: The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts (Lebanon), iaab (Switzerland)
    TWS Shibuya
    Kosuke Ikeda [Japan]
    Yuki Okumura (Kenji Ide) [Japan]
    Noor Abu Arafeh [Palestine]
    Mohamed Abdelkarim [Egypt]
    Sutthirat Supaparinya [Thailand]
Each year, over a hundred artists take part in Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS) residency program, engaging in various artistic activities both in Japan and abroad. This year, TWS is hosting "Tokyo Story 2013," a relay-style exhibition that will report on the results of last year's participating artists.
This exhibit, called "IDENTITIES IN THE WORLD," will comprise the third stage of the project. The exhibit will introduce works of five artists: Kosuke Ikeda and Yuki Okumura, who were dispatched abroad on the Exchange Residency Program, and Noor Abu Arafeh of Palestine, Mohamed Abdelkarim of Egypt, and Sutthirat Supaparinya of Thailand, who were invited to take part in TWS's Creator-in-Residence program in Tokyo.
After the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, all of us in Japan were forced to recognize just how much our day-to-day lives are influenced by the electrical power supply. At the same time, there is a current which is much larger than the power of any individual-- such as politics or history--that is swirling about all around the world.
In such circumstances, these five artists have taken up the themes of "energy" and "identity" in an attempt to express how their own existences greatly depend upon the environment that surrounds them, or to go through a transformation by actively plunging into it. These artists sometimes observe their own existences objectively, and sometimes penetrate into the lower depths of their consciousnesses. 
Thus, we invite you to come to the Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya exhibit and physically experience the ways each of these artists expresses their own approach to the world through their works created in various regions of the globe. 
■Related Event■
Artist Talk #2
■2013/9/14 (Sat.) 15:00 - 16:00
Participants: Kosuke Ikeda
Guest: Masaya Chiba (Philosopher)
*In Japanese Only.
■2013/9/16 (Mon.) 17:30 - 18:30
Pariticpants: Yuki Okumura, Kenji Ide
*In Japanese Only.
This is the final opportunity to meet the exhibiting artists. 
Artist Talk (FINISHED)
2013/7/14 (Sun.) 15:00-17:00
Participants: Kosuke Ikeda, Kenji Ide, Sutthirat Supaparinya, Yuki Okumura (Skype) 
*Participating artists are subject to change. *Japanese-English translation available.
Born in 1980. MFA at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2005. Kosuke Ikeda's work is based in an interest in natural phenomena, ecosystem and energy. Recently influenced by Japan's 2011 earthquakes and the resulting devastation, Ikeda has developed a series of collaborative works with other artists/engineers which consider our interaction with and dependence on electrical power grids. Solo shows include "Melbourne Art-Power Plant" (RMIT Project Space, Melbourne, 2012). Group shows include "Tokyo Art-Power Plant" (Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, 2011), "Dojima River Biennial" (Dojima River Forum, Osaka, 2011), "Vivid Material" (Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, 2008). Projects include "Fukushima Temporary Power Plant" (Fukushima, 2012), "Kesen Transplant" (Iwate, 2012).
Melbourne Art-Power Plant2012, Installation view at RMIT Project Space
Yuki Okumura 
Born in 1978. PhD at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2012. Okumura's films, performances, workshops and events often deal with how language shapes, and how translations and interpretations rewrite, one's reality. Shows in 2012 include "Anatomie-Fiktion" (Anatomy Museum of the University of Basel), "Dance on a Thin Line" (Daegu Photo Biennale 2012), "MOT Annual 2012: Making Situations, Editing Landscapes" (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo), "14 Evenings" (The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo), "Jun Yang: A Short Lecture on Forgetting and Remembering" (gsgp Joshibi University of Art and Design Art Center Prep Room; Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music; and Tokyo Zokei University), and "Zenbei's Eyeballs (Telescope ver.)" (Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art).
kenji ide_kitamura.jpg
reference) Kenji Ide, KITAMURA, 2012
Photo: hatano kosuke, Courtesy of blanClass
Born in 1986. Graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in 2011. 
Recent main activities are Open studio (Ashkal Alwan, Beirut, 2012), Young-artist-award-exhibition (A.M Qattan Foundation, Ramallah, 2011), Open-Studio (Al Sakakeni cultural center, Ramallah, 2011), "Try, Retry" (Al Sakakeni Cultural center, Ramallah, 2009), Open Studio exhibition (Al Sakakeni Cultural Center, Ramallah, 2009).
A state closer to Death than it is to Life, 2012
Born in El Minya, Egypt in 1983. Graduated from B.A., faculty of Art Education, Helwan University, Egypt in 2005. Recent main activities are "I am not there" at D-Caf Art Festival, curated by Mia Jankowicz (the town house gallery, Cairo, Egypt, 2012), 98 weeks bazaar at the Thessaloniki Biennale (Thessaloniki, Greece, 2011), Concert, Performance (Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, St. Gallen, Switzerland, 2011), group exhibition "Border Disorder" (Gallery Depo, Istanbul, Turkey, 2009), and "Beyond the desert" curated by Simon Njami (gallery Darb 1718, Cairo, Egypt, 2009).‬‬
Conspiracy Exceeds Consumption, 2012
Born in 1973. Graduated from Media Arts at Hochschule fur Grafik Und Buchkunst Leipzig, Germany in 2001 and Painting at Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, Thailand in 1997. Recent main activities are Video Art Program (Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan, 2012), "Riverscape IN FLUX" (Hanoi, Saigon, Bangkok, Cambodia, Jakarta, Manila, 2012-2013), a permanent drive in installation "Korat Chitchat" (Education Center for Health, Bangkok, Thailand, 2012), "Art On Farm" (Jim Thompson Art Center, Bangkok, Thailand, 2012), "How Physical" (Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo, Japan, 2012), solo show "Hypothetical" (Medianoche, New York City, US, 2011), Koganecho Bazaar (Yokohama, 
Japan, 2011), "Siamese Connection 2011: Rediscover" (Invisible Dog, New York, USA, 2011), Print Installation (Horace Mann School, New York, USA, 2011), Solo show "Disc is Dead, Disco is Alive!" (WTF, Bangkok, Thailand, 2011).
10 Places in Tokyo, 2013