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  • Date:
    2013.10.18(Fri) - 2013.12.15(Sun)
    Depends on each performance
    Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
    Goethe-Institut Tokyo, Polish Institute Tokyo
    TWS Shibuya
TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL (TEF) is a sound festival hosting a number of experimental performances and exhibitions in Tokyo, a city where new cultures and are always generated and various cultures intercross. To this festival, artists of new generation who are searching for new expressions gather from home and abroad.
In TEF Performance held in TWS Shibuya a number of artists and musicians take part from various places. Of those performances, some make full advantage of technology, some are very conceptual, some are interdisciplinary, and some require special playing techniques and original instruments... In spite of difference of styles, every performance will represent experimental attitude in its own way.
[Ticket Booking]
Booking for TEF Performance is accepted byE-mail and Fax. Please inform us of your name, phone number, date/ time/ name of the performance, and number of tickets with the caption "Booking for Festival" in the subject line.
E-mail:   Fax: +81-(0)3-5766-3742
*Booking of each performance will be closed by 17:00 on the day before the performance or as soon as the seats are fully reserved.
*Payment should be made at the venue on the day of performance.

*Review by jury members of TEF Open Call program is here
FAIFAI "Six-mat room kawaii society"  
*Recommended Program
October 18 (Fri.) and 19 (Sat), 2013 | 15:00-/19:30-
October 20 (Sun.), 2013 | 12:00-/17:30-
Ticket: 2500 yen
Contradiction of human being arises from split between perfectness in the fantasy world and comfortless in the real world. Its universal contradiction causes collapse of action. Collapse let people fantasize, and those who fall in love with fantasies make new collapses. The collapses are pure and imperfect like children, and they should represent human beings themselves. Theatrical performance exposes such human in front of people. We believe that is the key weapon of theater.
A Tokyo-based theater company, established in 2008. They have been active in the vibrant theater scene of Japan's capital, contributing their own unique vision to the field of contemporary performing arts. From 2009 onwards, FAIFAI started touring throughout Asia and Europe.
Sera Vaishnavi Fukuzaki and the Slices of the Stars "Tour d'ivoire"
October 25 (Fri.), 2013| 19:30-
Ticket: 2000 yen
Theatre act x Projection image x Performance
A story of a blind woman who "observes" past to the future and a man who changes as the time passes. Sounds of bombing and shooting guns are caught their ears-- Projection images as scenery reflect imaginations and reality. 
This work breaks the conventional way of stage play, and combines multimedia and live stage performance. It presents issues of modern society that we face, through the female image that has been portrayed in history and the relationship with a man who represents a reflection of a society.
Born in Tokyo, Sera Vaishnavi Fukuzaki studied fine arts in high school in USA and Canada. She has been working in film, media arts and various types of projects. Experimental film "Come Wander with Me" was screened and selected by Uplink Theatre and Yebisu International Film Festival. Commissioned by Uplink, she made a short film, playing the four roles of screenwriter, cinematographer, editor, and director. Those activities were evaluated by Waseda University and she was given Azusa Ono Memoriam Award. For her graduation work, Fukuzaki created and directed a performance called 'Tour d'ivoire" with dancer-artist Ayaka Kanda and film student Kiyohito Aiba starring in it.
Mari Matsutoya and Annie Goh "Morpholexical Ping Pong"
October 27 (Sun), 2013| 18:00-
Ticket: 1000 yen
An improvisational dialogue and audio collage of acoustic misunderstandings and semanto-phonetic morphologies for self-made sensor instruments, live voice, SuperCollider and Google translate. Acoustic accidents that are waiting to happen in daily communication are explored live, weaving through the aural and semantic modes of multiple languages. For two players. 
mari matsutoya_web.jpeg
In pursuing similar interests in sound and word phenomena, the duo formed in 2010 enabling a platform for spoken word, musical and performative works. Studying the fringes between art, media and music, at the University of Arts Berlin, they continue to explore these areas individually as well as collaboratively.
Pauchi Sasaki "GAMA VI"
October 27 (Sun.), 2013| 19:00-
Ticket: 1200 yen
GAMA VI is a solo multimedia performance. GAMA is a three-years-long work in progress started in early 2012 and it focuses on the exploration of the concept of expansion though the development of interactive music instruments. Conceptually, I recognize interconnectivity as the main dynamic happening in all attempts of expansion. I work with poetic images from nature linked to the activity of connection and then I relate them to sound parameters. For example: currents generate movement, connections and great flow of information. In this case tide´s density, force and speed share analogous parameters with sonic masses and these similarities inspire my compositions for both electronics and acoustic instruments.
Peruvian-Japanese Pauchi Sasaki weaves styles and disciplines in her creative process.  Her work reflects a great interest for interdisciplinary research that induces the interaction between artwork, space and audience. She collaborates actively with projects linked to dance, film, theater, installation and multimedia performances. As a performer and composer, she has been invited to several festivals in Peru, USA, Japan, Spain, Chile and Swiss. Pauchi was awarded with two "Best Original Music" awards from the XV International Latinoamerican Film Festival of Lima and the National Film Council of Peru.
Daiske KINO-SHITA "Tokyo Faust  eine Installation-Oper in einem Akt"  
*Recommended Program
November 2 (Sat.), 2013| 19:00-
November 3 (Sun.), 2013| 14:00-/18:00-
Ticket: 2000 yen
Tokyo Faust is an experiment, through the work of Goethe to find what triggered Goethe to write the novel. This work seeks for possibility of inevitable accordance of literature, music and art, in the form of installation opera collaborating with the two visual artists, Ishu Han and Kento Nito.
Daiske Kinoshita_web.jpg
Daiske Kino-Shita was born in Kanazawa, Japan. He pursued his music studies at Hochschule für Musik und Künste Bremen. He was the principal flutist of Guiyang Symphony Orchestra. He is the chairman of Asian Contemporary Music Society (ADOK), lecturer of Fukuyama-Heisei University, and a member of Japan Finland Contemporary Music Society. He participated in Local Creator Residence Program at Tokyo Wonder Site in 2012.
Erika Dohi and Carlos Cordeiro "metamorphosis"
November 4 (Mon.), 2013| 19:00-
Ticket: 2500 yen
metamorphosis makes use of two well known works for solo piano and solo clarinet, respectively Luciano Berio's Sequenza IV and Pierre Boulez's Domaines as a starting point to a metamorphosis of ideas and concepts, where the main exploration are the spatialization, physicality, visual space and interaction for, to and with the audience, where performers, technology and spectators/audience participate in the same immersive and interactive experience, all contributing and collaborating with chance and probabilities to the final result.
This concept combines Domaines and Sequenza IV with two creations by the performers inspired by the respective composition.  After reading Ichiyanagi's and Mouri's and message the words physicality and materiality and the change in the artist and the musician, having them feed of each other, creating and building a performance, or more than a performance, a multi-sensorial experience, a highly interactive, audience engaging, participative and physically active, almost performance art piece that can summon and arouse on's creativity to a very high level.
Erika Dohi (Piano)/ At the age of ten, Japanese born pianist Erika Dohi, performed Takekuni Hirayoshi's Piano Concerto with the Krakow Philharmonic at the Warsaw Philharmonic Hall (Poland). More recently, she has performed George Gershwin's Rhapsody In Blue with a conductor Tetsuro Ban with Ensemble Kobe in Kyoto. Among her awards are prizes with the Moray Piano Competition, Scotland and the PTC Piano Competition in Osaka, Japan.
Committed to contemporary music, Ms. Dohi has premiered works by Samir Chatterjee and Andy Akiho at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and Princeton University. Erika has performed in New York at Carnegie's Weill recital hall, Symphony Space, and Steinway Hall. She regularly performs in her hometown, Osaka, in the "R" music series at the Rhiga Royal Hotel. In 2010, the national NHK radio station broadcasted Ms. Dohi's performance at NHK Hall.
Carlos Cordeiro (Clarinet)/ From classical to contemporary performance, from traditional to electronica, clarinetist and electronics enthusiast Carlos Cordeiro performs a wide range of repertoire but has a deep commitment to the music of today. Recent and upcoming projects include a performance of Magnus Lindberg Clarinet Trio "Ljord, stort, ljud" with Magnus Lindberg on piano and cellist Joan Whang in the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, the Gaudeamus Festival in Amsterdam and a staged version of Ricky Ian Gordon's "Orpheus and Euridice" Member of loadbang and Metropolis Ensemble. Currently, Carlos is freelancing in New York City as a clarinetist, composer and electronic artist.
Tanaz Modabber_Pierre Mourles "Harmony for vanishing points"
November 8 (Fri.), 2013| 19:30-
Ticket: 1200 yen
The dematerialization in this project begins in the interpretation of scores drawn from a constructed kinetic structure consisting of points and lines. The composition will be the result of the transcription of scores drawn from this spatial model. Through an octophonia system, Setar and the Accordian, are supported by computer's transformative systems and electronic composition.
Pierre Mourles and Tanaz Modabber are collaborators that have been working together on performative sound installation projects since 2010.  Pierre Mourles is an accordionist and has received his music degree in electro-acoustics at Conservatoire of Pantin in Paris. Tanaz Modabber has studied architecture and western Classical and traditional Persian music in Iran.  As French and Iranian natives, they relate to their origins defined by the concept of dematerialization. They construct their research with material forces, structures, and gestures of sound.
Taro Yasuno "Taro Yasuno's Zombie Music: QUARTET OF THE LIVING DEAD"
November 9 (Sat.), 2013| 19:00-
Ticket: 2000 yen
Zombie music is music played by robot called zombie.
One question always exists about a robot: how to make the machine closer to human?
ZOMBIEMUSIC is not a music machine to play like a human. So, I named this robot zombie. Zombie is the other side of human. Thus, zombie music is music expressing the other side of human(our) music.
Zombie! Brain-death automaton. Human arrogance symbol.
Robot! Brain-less automaton. Human possibility symbol.
From "Zombie vs Robot" Chris Ryall 
Born in 1979 in Tokyo. He graduated from Tokyo College of Music and completed master course at IAMAS and now works as a composer. Taro mainly writes algorithmic instrumental music. He recently wrote music series of "MUSICINEMA" combined with visuals. His current work is the ZOMBIE MUSIC. He released the CD, "Taro Yasuno's Zombie Music DUET OF THE LIVING DEAD" in March 2013. He teaches part-time at Tokyo University of the Arts and Nihon University College of Art.  
Hugo Morales Murguía + Diego Espinosa "Items, Machines and Body"
November 10 (Sun.), 2013| 19:00-
Ticket: 800 yen
Items, Machines and Body is a program where some Western musical values are explored and expanded through the equal confrontation between the use of ordinary objects, traditional musical instruments, and the human body as means of highly refined sound articulation. From the roughness of a car loudspeaker or the electromagnetic field emanated through a collection of power supplies, to the sophistication of the piano, the extreme simplicity of a triangle, or the hybrid modification of a wooden South American box; the performer plays every instrument with the same technical refinement, passion and musical significance.
Hugo Morales Murguía + Diego Espinosa is a composer/performer duo dedicated to the exploration and expansion of certain instrumental values and performance paradigms.  Through the aid of technique, physical sound processing and various alternative uses of technology; their work not only tries to confront conventional musical principles, but most importantly, to suggest the idea of finding music in any object that surrounds us, from the simplest to the most complex, to ourselves.
*TEF Sound Installation
(According to the content, this project is held in TWS Shibuya.)
Gustavo  Ciríaco "A room of wonder | Tokyo" <Recommended Program>
Period: November 15 (Fri), 16 (Sat), and 17 (Sun)
*According to the content, this program is held at TWS Shibuya for three days only.
A room of wonder takes inspiration in the wonder rooms, the private prototypes of modern museums under Renaissance times, in order to create a museum of experiences, a collection of wonders of a group of artists and its insertion in real time in an exhibition room. A collection of Japanese men and women, their biographies, their days, their belonging to different art histories, imaginaries and generations, working collaboratively across fields for the creation of a room of wonders.
Daiske Kino-Shita, Kae Ishimoto Kento Nito, Koh Sato, Yoi Kawakubo, 
Megumi Kamimura, Noriyuki Kiguchi, Ryo Fujii, Takumi Kitada 
Gustavo Ciríaco is a performing and art maker living between Rio and Lisbon. He starts his career in Political Sciences and then drifts to dance and contextual works. Dance, theater, architecture, art history and public art are present in his pieces where he dialogues with the historical, material and affective context one is immersed in. Ciríaco has shown works in major national and international festivals, galleries and venues in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Middle East. In 2012, he was International Creator in Residency at TWS Ayoama.
Eiichi TOSAKI  Tetsuroh KONISHI "BCD Sound Performance"
November 19 (Tue) - 22 (Fri), 2013 [Exhibition]
November 23 (Sat), 2013| 17:00- [Performance]
Ticket: 1500 yen **Free admission to the  exhibition
Using a remote bimanual input system, Tosaki will perform Bimanual Coordination Drawing (BCD) in realtime with image projection. The movement of BCD will simultaneously be tracked and processed algorithmically to produce sound. Konishi analyses the visual structure of BCD, composing his own music based on this structure. Konishi's trumpet improvisation thus interprets the compositional structure of BCD into the flow of relations between the body, projected image and algorithm-based sound sources of this unique collaboration.
Eiichi TOSAKI/ Artist and philosopher. Through his unique theory of visual rhythm, Tosaki has developed a bimanual drawing method (BCD) which he has practiced for over 30 years. He teaches drawing, philosophy of art and allied creative methods at Art & Design Monash University, and School of Creative Arts Deakin University. Tosaki has exhibited internationally and published widely in the Humanities. He is an Honorary Fellow, Dept. Philosophy, Melbourne University.
Tetsuroh KONISH/ Has developed a strong reputation via international newspaper and journal media for his music composition for Dance, in Canada, the US (New York), Korea and other locations. Konishi has been active in collaboration work with various artists across multiple genres including writing, production, and education. Konishi is a member of the board of directors of Conference of Music and Dance Japan, and Wasabi Co.
Jaroslaw Kapuscinski "Where is Chopin?―Installation & Intermedia Recital"  
*Recommended Program
November 19 (Tue.)- 24 (Sun.), 2013 [Installation]
November 23 (Sat.), 24 (Sun.), 2013 | 19:00- [Performance]
Ticket: 1000 yen *Free admission to the installation exhibition
Installation Where Is Chopin? is a search for traces of music in minds and faces of people from around the world. To produce it, Kapuscinski performed a series of private concerts and video recordings with over 150 listeners in Tokyo, San Francisco, Wellington, Sydney, Seoul, Beijing, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Helsinki, Buenos Aires, Santiago and Mexico City. In concert, video projections are controlled live as he plays a Yamaha Disklavier piano. The recital will present other recent intermedia works including a world premiere of Possible Brid for hichiriki and image.
KAPUSCINSKI Jaroslaw is an intermedia composer and pianist whose works were presented among others at NY MoMA, ZKM and Centre Pompidou; and received awards at UNESCO Film sur l'Art in Paris (1992), VideoArt Festival Locarno (1993), and the FNCNM in Montréal (2000). A graduate of Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw and UC San Diego, he teaches at Stanford University.
Hiroe Yasui + Keita Matsumiya + Hiromi Watanabe "Spatiotemporal Expression by Saxophone and Electronics"
November 26 (Tue), 2013| 19:00-
Ticket: 2500 yen
This project is produced by 3 Japanese musicians working in France, an instrumentalist, a composer and an acoustic director. The program is constructed by 4 pieces of mixed music  including one premiere, also by the improvisation with saxophone and electronic sounds, and by the demonstration of spatial representation with multi-channel speaker and real-time acoustics. From the 3 professional points of view to the contemporary music, we will present to visitors our approachs between the traditional musical expression and new technologies.
Performance unit of 3 musicians graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts and living in Paris. 
Hiroe Yasui studies saxophone in the doctor course with Claude Delangle at the National Conservatory of Paris. Winner of the first prize of the competition of International Adolphe Sax. 
Keita Matsumiya studies the composition at the National Conservatory of Paris and at the IRCAM. His music is performed in many international festivals as Klangspuren. 
Hiromi Watanabe studies computermusic in the University of Saint-Etienne. Winner of ACSM116 prize in CCMC2011.
Varjo Ensemble "Pierrot Lunaire and its Shadow"
November 29 (Fri), 2013| 19:30-, November 30 (Sat), 2013| 17:00-
Ticket: 2500 yen
Pierrot Lunaire and Its Shadow is an experimental music theatre piece that lets Arnold Schönberg's melodrama Pierrot lunaire intertwine with three shadow pieces composed by the contemporary Berlin based Finnish composer Miika Hyytiäinen. Like a shadow originates from the original source, so do Hyytiäinen's dream shadows complement Schönberg pieces, which remain untouched in the production. In the way a shadow grows out of its original source and becomes increasingly independent. The same applies for each of the three shadows of which the third is already far from its original source. The dramaturgy of the music theatre created by the Finnish stage director Jaakko Nousiainen compliments the two compositions by following dream logic. At first it seems that Pierrot and his shadow are one, but slowly the shadow detaches herself and starts looking for her own identity.
pierrot lunaire_web.jpg
The members of Varjo Ensemble came together to create a music theater performance out of Schönberg's famous melodrama Pierrot lunaire. The Ensemble consists of five instrumentalists (violin, viola, cello, clarinet and piano) and the singer Annika Fuhrmann, as well as the composer Miika Hyytiäinen and the stage director Jaakko Nousiainen. Hyytiäinen and Nousiainen have collaborated in several experimental music theatre works. This piece expands Schönberg's song cycle with three shadow dreams that Hyytiäinen composed to dream diary texts by Fuhrmann.
Traces Collective "Input Place in Space A"
November 30 (Sat), 2013| 19:00-
Ticket: 1500 yen
Input Place in Space A has taken floor plans of the performance space itself as an open score on which to layer sound, language, and movement explorations. These multiple scores have undergone an on-site refinement processing, from which has emerged this final version of Input Place in Space A. Tracing the echoes and shadows of past and possible places in Space A, this performance brings out the resonant qualities of the environment itself. 
Traces Collective was established in 2012 as an ongoing multimedia research project spanning artists in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, and Holland. Currently led by a writer (Japan), composer (U.K.), and choreographer (U.S.), Traces Collective explores relationships between language, movement, and sound as shifting points of departure for generating durational and installation performance work. In its first year, Traces Collective has held residencies, performances and workshops in Germany and the U.K. 
Dudu Tsuda "Le Temp Suspendu"
December 1 (Sun), 2013| 19:00-
Ticket: 1000 yen
Immersive quadriphonic sound performance that deals with sound images that creates a sensation of a suspended time, when time seems to stop and everything seems static and somehow nostalgic. In Le Temps Suspendu, sounds are edited and spatialized in realtime and a piano is played live, creating a dense and at same time silent atmosphere. The contrast between the acoustic sounds of the piano presented in minimalist melodies and stationary harmony fields with the manipulated sounds makes the enviroment even more intimist. 
The sounds recorded are situations that the artist experienced with his digital sound recorder in his residency program in Paris, his trips to London, Berlin and several cities in Portugal and in his home town, São Paulo. Situations that make us travel to old times, when people used to stand in front of a garden, or walk through a market, or simply listen to a vynil record, a time of contemplation and silence.
Dudu Tsuda_web.jpg
Dudu Tsuda is multimedia artist, sound artist, musician, composer, perfomer, music producer, jornalist and professor. Undergraduate in Communication and Multimedia at and studies his masters in Sound Art and Space at Catholic University São Paulo (PUC/SP). He has been nominated to the Sergio Motta Institute Award 2009. He was laureate of the Residency Program Institut Français and Ville de Paris "International Résidence aux Recollets" (Paris/France 2012) and Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris (Paris/France 2013). He creates interactive installations; Kafkanian Printers - Mostra SESC de Artes 2012, Invisible Memories - [ F.A.q. 2]- Sesc Ipiranga 2008, Symphony for Open spaces - Opus no 08 - Festival de Arte Serrinha 2009 e Mostra Individual SESC Ipiranga 2010, Volume - 2+6 Galeria do Meio 2010. He is an integrant of the multimidia group Telemusik in collaboration with Marcus Bastos, Richard Ribeiro and Karina Montenegro. The group has created three spetacles, Ausências i-viii, Fluxus and Objects and has realized several presentations. He has solo project named < d u d u t s u d a . s o l o w o r k s >, an audiovisual spetacle that gathers pop and orchestral arrangements with eletroacoustic textures, and a geometric videoart concept.
Ex-Easter Island Head "Duo for TEF"
December 3 (Tue), 2013| 19:30-
Ticket: 800 yen
Incorporating solid body electric guitars prepared in the manner of John Cage's pianos and alternately struck, scraped and bowed with bamboo sticks, percussion mallets and metal keys, alongside tapes, acoustic percussion and a variety of sound-making objects, Duo for TEF will be the groups' debut performance outside of Western Europe. 
The piece will utilise hypnotic interlocking percussive patterns, carillon-like chimes and microtonal harmonies to create a unique sound world falling somewhere between the physical immediacy of the chamber ensemble and the alien textures of electronic music. 
Ex-Easter Island Head are a Liverpool, UK based musical collective.
Incorporating multiple prepared electric guitars struck with percussion mallets and treated as an infinitely variable sound-source as well as drawing on an arsenal of cymbals, bells, prayer bowls and acoustic percussion, they devise works that explore group interplay, repetition and melodic invention through purposefully limited means.
They have performed solo, as a duo, three-piece, quartet and as a large ensemble across a wide variety of events. They will release new records in autumn 2013 from Low Point records (UK).
Dunscombe/Golinski/Hamann Trio + Harada/Inoue/Ogawa "Cartography Event and Resonance:Decay"
December 5 (Thu), 2013| 19:30- [Performance]
December 6 (Fri) - 8 (Sun), 2013 [Installation]
Ticket: 1200 yen *Free admission to the installation exhibition
An artwork that exists between the categories of "performance" and "installation," this work is comprised of two parts: "Cartography Event" and "Resonance/Decay."
Cartography Event maps and articulates the performance space. It is a defining acoustic event, of one-hour duration, which will take the form of a "performed installation."  Resonance/Decay examines the emotional, cultural, and physical resonances that remain after a defining acoustic event has occurred.  A recording of Cartography Event is re-circulated through the performance space for three days following the initial performance, undergoing digital signal processing with each iteration.  
Samuel Dunscombe_web.jpg
An international collaboration involving artists from 3 different countries, and a wide range of disciplines.  
Samuel Dunscombe (Australia/USA), a clarinettist, sound artist, and audio engineer, is joined by long-time collaborators cellist Judith Hamann (Australia/USA), and percussionist/audio-engineer Chris Golinski (USA).  Together, this trio will collaborate with three Japanese artists: Harada Kouhei (MaxMSP programmer, Guitar), Inoue Miyuki (vocalist and performance artist), and Ogawa Michiko (clarinettist).  This project will merge the fields of contemporary classical music, free-improvisation, and sound art installation.
Satoshi Kakuta Trio "Session #8"
December 7 (Sat), 2013| 19:00-
Ticket: 1000 yen
The concept of this performance is "to visualize the sound at the same time as to sonificate the image." Via the matrix that is composed while visual changes bring acoustic changes and acoustic changes bring visual changes, the coexisting "audible sound," "visible sound," "visible image" and "audible image" are generated in real time. They are mixed up at their best condition, and presented in a comprehensive audio-visual form.
Satoshi Kakuta Trio_web.jpg
Satoshi Kakuta:Video Camera / TEKTRONIX 650HR Monitor / Video Sweep Generator / Sound Mixer 
Tsuyoshi Goto : Oscillator / Sound Mixer / Equalizer   
hosono takuya : Oscillator / Decade Filter  
Monolith "a rotation within the mindscape"
December 8 (Sun), 2013| 18:00-
Ticket: 1500 yen
*After talk is available.
The environment around our lives is full of different types of invisible particles flying in the air, particles such as radio waves and radiation. When they bump into something, they are so fine that they do not emit a sound which humans can catch. But if these substances were as big as bouncy balls, what kind of reverberating sounds would we perceive in our living space? We created this performance to try and discover the nature of those sounds.
Guest dancer: Erika Kitaoka, Aiko
"Monolith" was formed on the creation of an exhibition called "Ocean Line" in Atlia, Kawaguchi City Art Gallery in July 2012. The duo is made up of Tamura Hiroshi (tamuranmusic) and Yamada Beyond. Under the concept of "NEWBGM", they work on sound art projects to express what scarcely but crucially separates two things, like a layer of thin skin or two sides of the same coin.