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TWS-Emerging 2014


  • Date:
    2014.08.09(Sat) - 2015.02.01(Sun)
    Mondays (or Tuesday if Monday is a national holiday)
    11:00 - 19:00
    Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
    TWS Shibuya

Ever since its opening in 2001, Tokyo Wonder Site has undertaken a wide range of programs to support and foster young artists. One such program, TWS-Emerging, is associated with the open call exhibition, Tokyo Wonder Wall, which has been providing talented young artists with a gateway to success. Each year, 100 artists are selected from approximately 1000 applicants, and their works are displayed at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. Furthermore, the prize winners have their own exhibition at the public spaces in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.
TWS-Emerging offers the opportunity for those selected artists to take part in another exhibition at Tokyo Wonder Site. We have introduced about 200 artists so far. For this year, 19 young artists were chosen to show their works at TWS Shibuya. They are also invited to participate in a number of programs at TWS as well as residency programs conducted in association with overseas residencies under TWS's international exchange programs.


em0401.jpg2014.08.09 (Sat) - 08.31 (Sun)

212 Ayano Honda
213 Kaho Shimizu
214 Shinichiro Koromo


em0402.jpg2014.09.06 (Sat) - 09.28 (Sun)

215 Mayu Hirota
216 Keisuke Matsuda
217 Hiroko Watanabe


em0403.jpg2014.10.04 (Sat) - 10.26 (Sun)

218 hop
219 Yuichiro Maekawa
220 Eijiro Saito
221 Masaya Tani

em0404.jpg2014.11.01 (Sat) - 11.24 (Mon, holiday)

222 Narumi Sasaki
223 Miyuki Motoyama
224 Toshio Miyaoka


em0405.jpg2014.11.29 (Sat) - 12.21 (Sun)

225 Marico Aoki
226 Hiroaki Ito
227 Ebosi Yuasa


em0406.jpg2015.01.10 (Sat) - 02.01 (Sun)

228 Yasufumi Ueno
229 Saki Sumida
230 Masashi Nakamura