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Tomomi Kubo "The DOKUEN"

TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL Vol.9 ―Performance [Open Call Program]

  • Date:
    3000 yen
    Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
    Ryogoku Monten Hall
    Tomomi Kubo

Tomomi Kubo.jpg

What and how much can I do with only the Ondes Martenot in front of me?
The program is mainly composed of solo works for Ondes Martenot including Akiko Yamane's new work as well as Valerio Sannicandro's unique piece for Ondes Martenot, Theremin and live electronics (Japan premiere). Sumihisa Arima (live electronics) and Trine (Theremin) will appear as guest players.


1. Roland Creuze: "ALS..."
2. Gilles Gobeil: "Voix Blanche" for onde martnot and tape 
3. Valerio Sannicandro:
"A Book of Waves" for Theremin, Ondes Martenot and live-electronics
<Live Electronics: Sumihisa Arima/ Thermin: torine>

4. Jovanka Trbojević:
"Le Fantôme des ondes" for tape and Ondes Martenot
5. Junichi Matsumoto:
"Skippin' Mirrors" for Ondes Martenot, two metronomes and castanet
6. Tristan Murail: "La Conquête de l'Antarctique"
7. Akiko Yamane: "Electric Baby" (commissioned, world premiere)
<Electronics: Sumihisa Arima>


Date: November 16 (Sun.) Finished
Start: 18:00 (Doors Open: 17:30)
*Duration 90 mins
Ticket: 3000 yen  

1. Booking should be made by E-mail or Fax.
Email: / Fax: 03-5602-9882
2. Please inform us of your name, phone number, date/time/name of the performance and number of tickets with a subject of "Booking for TEF Performance".
3. Payment should be made at the venue on the day of performance.
4. Booking will be closed by 17:00 of the day before each performance, or as soon as the seats are fully booked. For the latest ticket information, please check this page.

*Please note that program content may change due to inevitable reasons.


After graduating from Kunitachi College of Music, Tomomi Kubo went to France to study Ondes Martenot at Conservatoire France National Boulogne-Billancourt and graduated from the school with highest honors.
She studied the instrument under Takashi Harada and Pascale Rousse-Lacordaire. She has been involved in a wide variety of activities, such as collaborating with Orchestra, Chamber music and contemporary dancers, as well as the accompaniment to films and TV drama music. Through these activities, she tries conveying the joy of Ondes Martenot, a marvelous instrument.


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