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  • Date:
    2015.02.28(Sat) - 2015.03.29(Sun)
    11:00 - 19:00
    Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
     Tom Callemin
     Ilse Carbonez
     Yves Kerckhoffs
     Liam Singelyn
     Lisa Spilliaert
     Raf van de Ven

Organizer: 2112

with support of the Flemish Government
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EVENT: Video screening on 3/28 (Sat.) 15:00-18:00.  *Further information is shown in the lower part of this page.

【Exhibition Overview】
The members of 2112 all have very different bodies of work in its methods as well as in its appearances, nevertheless they all share the same open and free approach to the photographic medium and her possibilities as well as her limitations. In this approach the content of an image, or images is always the starting point, resulting in a strong common interest in photography as a language. This language seems to always end up in a verb, being active. The exhibition Ellipse focuses on exactly this verb, which seems to have everything to do with leaving out context, or one could say: framing, literally as well as figuratively.

Ellipse is about the language of images, a language that is growing bigger everyday, but also a language that nobody really 'speaks'. A language that consists of nothing more than leaving out matter to combine, destruct, construct, shape and to mount. The works exhibited in Ellipse are all involved in photography that looks inevitably back at herself. Back at the process of birth of a photograph, back at the moment that is displayed in a certain picture, back at the photographer, back at the world in which contemporary images reside or back at the machine that generates the pictures. In Ellipse every work creates a circle, always returning where it once started. In one way or another.

Yves Kerckhoffs 《I saw a flash on the screen (part of Apparatus)


©Raf van de Ven 


■Opening Performance by Yves Kerckhoffs and Ilse Carbonez after the Opening Talk on Februrary 28th.

■Video Screening
Date: 2015/3/28 (Sat.) 15:00-18:00

  • Liam Singelyn 「Seascape」(3 mins)
  • Tom Callemin 「Walk」(4 mins)
  • Lisa and Clara Spilliaert 「Hotel Red Shoes」(15 mins)
  • Liam Singelyn and Raf van de Ven (20 mins)
  • Joel Rabijns & Yves Sondermeier 「Miracle of Life」(70 mins)※
    ※This movie is classified +18, that may disturb some viewers. Please watch at your own risk.

【Organizer's Profile】

2112 is a collaboration between six young international artists based in Belgium which are unified by their common interest in photography or the image as a language.
The recent exhibitions of the members of 2112 are "Canvascollectie" (Bozar, Brussels, Belgium, 2012), "Breda International Photo Festival"(Breda, The Netherland, 2012, 2014), ".tiff by FoMu" (Antwerp, Belgium, 2013, 2014), "International Film Festival Rotterdam" (Rotterdam, The Netherland, 2015) etc.

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