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OPEN STUDIO 2016-2017/July


  • Date:
    2016.07.22(Fri) - 2016.07.24(Sun)
    11:00 - 17:00
    Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
    TWS Residency
    〈International Creator Residency Program〉
    Mirna Bamieh (Palestine| Video, Installation)
    Andreas Greiner (Germany| Installation, Sculpture)

    〈Exchange Residency Program〉
    Koh Jaewook (Korea| Video, Installation)
    Duncan Wooldridge (United Kingdom| Photography, Mixed Media)

    〈Institutional Recommendation Program〉
    Lars Carlén (Sweden| Art Criticism, Writing)
    Raewyn Hill (Australia| Contemporary Dance, Installation Performance)
    Bettina Hoffmann (Canada| Video, Performance)

    〈Research Residency Program〉
    Christian Giroux (Canada| Public Art, Film)
    Dylan Lardelli (New Zealand| Composition, Music Performance)
    Tsz Yan Ng (United States| Architecture, Installation)

    *Exhibit Only
    Patrice Balvay (France| Painting, Drawing)
    Kim Jeawon (United States| Installation, Drawing)
    Oliver Klimpel (Germany| Design, Alternative Text Production)
    Asia Piaścik (Poland| Design)

    download event flyer (2.5 MB)

Tokyo Wonder Site Residency provides opportunities for international creators in various disciplines including art, design, architecture and curation to stay, create works and conduct a research in Tokyo, offering studio spaces and accommodations for the creators.

Open Studio is a special occasion for the audience to see the creative process of residing creators, hear their talks and a dialogue with guest speakers. 14 creators will show their activities and there will be artist talks and a dialogue with guest speakers.

Facility tour / Information Display:
- Visitors will have an opportunity to see the rooms and common spaces where creators stay and communicate with each other.
- We provide the information on the partner institutions of exchange residency programs and answer any inquiries by visitors.

Open Studio Talk
Artist Talk by Creators
Date: July 23(Sat.), 2016
Time: 14:00-15:45
*With Japanese-English interpreter
*Admission free/ Booking not required
*Programs may change due to unavoidable reasons.


Special Event
(Booking required)
Talk commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Dada
Date:July 24(Sun.), 2016
Time: 14:00-16:00
Guest speakers:
Miwa Yanagi (Artist)
Tomoyo Sanbonmatsu (Curator, The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura and Hayama)
Support: Embassy of Switzerland in Japan
*With Japanese-English interpreter
*Programs may change due to unavoidable reasons.
>> For booking: Click here


●Partner Institutions:
University of the Arts London (London, UK)
MMCA Residency Goyang (Seoul, Korea)

●Institutional Recommendation Program Support:
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

1Mirna.jpgMirna Bamieh 《Potato Talks: Marrakech edition 2016
Public Performance Project © Aurore Bunel

Andreas Greiner 《Toccata for Pyrocystis Fusiformis2014
grand piano, dark room, Pyrocystis fusiformis (bioluminescent algae), seawater

developed in cooperation with Sunlay Almeida Rodriguez
Foto: Theo Bitzer & Andreas Greiner

3Koh Jaewook.jpg
Koh Jaewook <RETABLE ROOM> project 2015
mixed media, variable size

Raewyn Hill 《Carnivale2015
choreographed by Raewyn Hill, Co3.
Dancers: Andrew Searle and Zachary Lopez
©Stefan Gosatti

7Bettina 1_1.jpg 7Bettina 1_2.jpg
Bettina Hoffmann 《Parked》 2011
Series of 8 photographs, each print 56 cm x 75 cm, Lambdaflex, facemounted on acrylic
Right: Parked - Honda Civic, Left: Parked - Jeep Cherokee Sport

Christian Giroux 《Reticulated Gambol2008
Steel, 42' x 40' x 15'

Dylan Lardelli with Koto player Nanae Yoshimura