The 5th performance duo, The boundary of Music" | Tokyo Arts and Space" /> The 5th performance duo, The boundary of Music" | Tokyo Arts and Space">

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Imaike Project
"Toshihiro Imamura × Moe Ikeda
The 5th performance duo, The boundary of Music"

-OPEN SITE 2016-2017 Project A <Open Call Program>

  • Date:
    2017.01.21(Sat) - 2017.01.22(Sun)
    2,000 yen
    Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
    Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo
    Toshihiro Imamura (Composer, Performer)
    Moe Ikeda (Composer, Performer)

    download event flyer (7.2 MB)


This project attempts to reconsider the definition of "music" through the performance of six works by different composers. From which point to which point, does the range of music start and end? New works by Teita Iwabuchi, choreographer/ dancer will be premiered as well as new works by Imamura and Ikeda. Also, two more pieces will be performed.

[Concert program]
New work | Teita Iwabuchi (dancer/choreographer)
New work | Toshihiro Imamura
New work | Moe Ikeda
HACTION MUSIC II (2015) | Motoharu Kawahima
Matarisama for you and me or Triple time of Istamia (2016) | Masahiro Miwa

Matarisama for you and me or Triple time of Istamia

*A part of program has been changed.

Date: January 21 (Sat.), 22 (Sun.), 2017 *Finished
Start: Jan. 21 (Sat.) 19:30 (Doors open: 19:00)
   Jan. 22 (Sun.) 14:00 (Doors open: 13:30)
Venue: Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo
Ticket: 2,000 yen

* After Talk on Jan 22 (Sun.)
Guest Speaker: Atsushi Sasaki (Critics, HEADZ)

[Additional Ticket Information (22nd)]
Few tickets without reservation available at the door for the performances on 22nd.

1. Visit reception desk and receive number card from 60 minutes before performance starts.
2. Buy ticket, enter the venue in numerical order from 5 minutes before performance starts.

* You may not be able to have whole view of the stage from the seats for additional ticket or required to stand.
* Depending on order of the number card, it may not be able to enter the venue.

1. Booking should be made by E-mail or Fax.
Email: / Fax: 03-5689-7501
2. Please inform us of your name, phone number, date/ time/ name of the performance and number of tickets with a subject of "Booking for OPEN SITE". (On booking by Fax, please let us know your Fax number, too.)
3. Payment should be made at the venue on the day of performance.
4. Booking will be closed by 17:00 of the day before each performance, or as soon as the seats are fully booked. For the latest ticket information, please check this page.

*Please note that program content may change due to inevitable reasons.

OSA7_2.jpeg"Imaike Project" is a duo group, whose member is Toshihiro Imamura and Moe Ikeda. They held 4 concerts, "Appeal, powerless and fighting power of musical body"(2014), "From festivals to introspection"(2015), "With my friend Fujimoto-kun!"(2016) and "From festivals to introspection the 2nd"(2016).