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Fiona Amundsen "Arsenal of Democracy"

-OPEN SITE 2016-2017 Project B <Open Call Program>

  • Date:
    2017.01.14(Sat) - 2017.02.12(Sun)
    11:00 - 19:00
    Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
    TWS Hongo
    Fiona Amundsen

Our Sacred Honour /
2016, HD Video, 10mins 13sec

This exhibition's video and photographic artworks position the story of Ben Kuroki's ancestry based plight for recognition that resulted in him being the only American of Japanese decent permitted to fight in the Asia-Pacific Theatre of WWII, with the site of Carrie Furnace, a former steel mill in Pittsburgh and an anonymous voice recording describing the effects of the 1945 WWII steel-clad incendiary-bombing of Tokyo.

These artworks consider the complexity of such experiences as they're translated across historical time, culture, and language into image. However, rather than attempting to solely retrieve or revise these histories, this exhibition questions how photographic and video images can enable a connected, active relationship between how the ramifications of this past inform the present.

To Each Other / 2014-2016, HD Video, 10mins 13sec

These artworks were produced with support from AUT University (New Zealand) and Neu Kirche Centre for Contemporary Art (USA).

Memory, Narrative and Cultural Memorialising:
Fiona Amundsen and Koizumi Meiro's Discuss Artistic Strategies

This proposed event brings together two artists whose work explores relationships between traumatic WWII war histories, memory, narrative and cultural memorialising. These artists, one from New Zealand - Fiona Amundsen - and the other from Japan - Meiro Koizumi - will specifically speak to the strategies each employs to address the complexities of this material, particularly across their different experiences of cultural time and space.

Date: 2017/1/28 (Sat.) 14:00 - 15:30
Venue: TWS Hongo Space C/D
Japanese-English interpretaition available
No booking requried, admission free

[ Profile ]
Fiona Amundsen is a New Zealand based artist, who utilises photography and video to question relationships between historical sites of trauma, socio-political narratives, memorialising, and lens-based representation associated with the Asia-Pacific Theatre of WWII. Regarding this specific history, she is concerned with exploring who gets the right to remember, along with what it means to remember ethically, and what this might look like. This raises questions concerning how to become present to this history, to what it holds, to what it can teach of the ways the residues of historical acts hide within the present.

[ Support ]
AUT University (New Zealand), Neu Kirche Contemporary Art Center (USA)