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Xavier León Borja "La larga noche (The long night)"

-OPEN SITE 2016-2017 Project B <Open Call Program>

  • Date:
    2017.02.25(Sat) - 2017.03.26(Sun)
    11:00 - 19:00
    Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
    Xavier León Borja
    Curator: Meysis Carmenati 

The Long Night (detail)

Violence has become more naturalized in our increasingly utilitarian contemporary society. People are indifferent or paranoiac to the constantly repeated news of wars and catastrophes in the world.

The Long Night talks about people behind the history, such as migrants, sex workers, war victims, and those of socially vulnerable who are out of our consciousness due to their silence. Leon Borja reconstructs the images using the power of abstraction and fantasy to talk about our silence and our forgetfulness.

The works are based on icons photographs which were highly distributed, and created by different creative processes that seek to package the time and memory.

The Long Night

Xavier León Borja
| Born in Quito, Ecuador. For six years he had lived in Mexico City, where he studied a Masters in Visual Arts at the UNAM, and a year and a half in Havana. Since 2012 he lives in Quito. He is currently Dean of the Faculty of Arts.
He has held more than fifteen solo exhibitions, among which "Periphery" (Palace City Council, Mexico DF), "Nomads" (Fashion Week, Mexico) "With the passing of time" (Gallery Carmen Montilla, Havana) and "La Toma de la Casa Grande" (House of Ecuadorian Culture).

Universidad Central del Ecuador

Ministry or Foreign Affairs of Ecuador
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