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OPEN STUDIO 2017-2018/March


  • Date:
    2018.03.09(Fri) - 2018.03.11(Sun)
    11:00 - 17:00
    Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Arts Program and Residency Division
    TOKAS Residency
    <International Creator Residency Program>
    Patrizia DANDER (Germany | Curation)
    Gianfranco FOSCHINO (Chile |  Video-installation)

    <Exchange Residency Program>
    LI Yi-Fan (Taiwan | Animation, Installation)
    Anuk MILADINOVIĆ (Switzerland, Germany | Video)

    <Institutional Recommendation Program>
    Vincent BRAULT (Canada | Literature)
    Marc CAELLAS (Spain | Theater, Writing)
    Brenda LOZANO (Mexico | Writing)

    <Research Residency Program>
    Kerstin BRÄTSCH (United States | Painting in the 
    extended field)
    Jean-Maxime DUFRESNE & Virginie LAGANIÈRE 
    (Canada | Installation, Photography)
    Claudio ZECCHI (Italy, Portugal | Curation)

    <Exhibit Only>
    Agua CHOU (Taiwan | Interaction Design, 
    Social Design)
    Thibault CAPÉRAN & Chloé FRICOUT (France | 
    Mario RIZZI (Germany | Film, Photography)

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(2/19 update)
Brenda LOZANO will be participating in the Open Studio.

<Talk Event>
◇March 10 (Sat.) 14:00-16:00
Talks by residing creators
(Patrizia DANDER will give a talk on March 11.)

March 11 (Sun.) 14:00-16:00
Special Talk
Patrizia DANDER × IGUCHI Toshino
"Art and Technology after the Osaka Expo 1970"

Guest: IGUCHI Toshino
(Professor of Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Saitama University)

*No reservation necessary / With Japanese - English interpreter
*Programs may change due to unavoidable reasons.


Tokyo Arts and Space Residency provides opportunities for international creators in various disciplinesincluding art, design, architecture and curation to stay, create works and conduct a research in Tokyo, offering studio spaces and accommodations for the creators. "OPEN STUDIO" is the special occasion for the audience to see creative activities by the creators with images, videos and drawings and hear their talks and a dialogue with guest speakers.

Nine groups will give talks on 3/10 (Sat.), and there will be a special talk by Patrizia DANDER, curator at the Museum Brandhorst in Munich, Germany, on 3/11 (Sun.). During her residency, she focused on the aftermaths of the Osaka Expo '70, which propagated an outright "techno-utopia" with the introduction of groundbreaking technologies such as video-telephones or robots. She will discuss the development of the relation between art and technology with IGUCHI Toshino, Professor of Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Saitama University.

Facility Tour / Information Display:
- Visitors will have an opportunity to see the rooms and common spaces where creators stay and communicate with each other.
- We provide the information on the partner institutions of exchange residency programs and answer any inquiries by visitors.

Partner Institutions:
Atelier Mondial (Basel, Switzerland)
Arts-in-Residence Taipei/ Treasure Hill Artist Village (Taipei, Taiwan)

Institutional Recommendation Program Support:
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (Quebec, Canada)

130 x 350 x 70 cm, 5 channel video sculpture,
49" LED screens, HD, Variable length, Color, Silent

Yi-Fan_Don_t You Love Me no more_1.jpgのサムネイル画像
LI Yi-Fan, Don't You Love Me no more, 2017, Video installation

Anuk MILADINOVIĆ, RUTH, 2017, HD Video, 16:9

Vincent BRAULT, La chair de Clémentine, 2017,
Novel, 172 pages © Éditions Héliotrope

Kerstin BRÄTSCH, Installation view of Innovation,
Kerstin Brätsch at Museum Brandhorst, Munich, 2017 © Uli Holz

Jean-Maxime DUFRESNE and Virginie LAGANIÈRE, Normal Times, 2017,
photography, 90x63, © Virginie Laganière and Jean-Maxime Dufresne

Claudio ZECCHI, Sino alla fine del mare, 2017, Workshop, Lastation,
Gagliano del Capo (LE - ITA) © Photo Courtesy, Claudio Zecchi