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NEMOTO Shumpei|It captures me, It moves me and It's gone

OPEN SITE 2018-2019 Open Call Program【OPEN SITE dot】

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  • Date:
    2018.12.14(Fri) - 2018.12.16(Sun)
    Free(Booking required)
    Tokyo Arts and Space, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
    Kinosaki International Arts Center (Toyooka, Japan), Choreographisches Centrum Heidelberg(Heidelberg, Germany)
    12/14(Fri.) 19:00- Finished.
    12/15(Sat.) 14:00- / 19:00- Finished.
    12/16(Sun.) 14:00- Finished.
    Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo

'It captures me, It moves me and It's gone' is the work that uses video camera and projector created by Shumpei Nemoto. In this event, Nemoto is going to explain about concept of the work as well as performing the work. There will be also a time for discussion with the audience.


◆Ticket Information◆

Booking for the performance on 12/14 (Fri.) is closed.(2018.12.13)
Booking for the performance on 12/15 (Sat.) is closed.(2018.12.14)
Booking for the performance on 12/16 (Sun.) is closed.(2018.12.15)

*For those who have no reservation
1. Visit reception desk and receive number card from 30 minutes before performance starts.
2. Enter the venue in numerical order from 5 minutes before performance starts.


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"It captures me, It moves me and It's gone"
Photo: Günter KRÄMMER

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Choreographer. Based in Japan and Europe. Was awarded Espoir prize at Prix de Lausanne in 1999 and went on to study at English National Ballet School. In his later works, he explores the ways to transcribe compositional method such as chance operation or phase shifting into choreography.