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Past Events

HOMMA Mei|Patching Words (zi, kotoba, kata, eweawea)

OPEN SITE 2018-2019 Open Call Program【Exhibition】


  • Date:
    2018.11.24(Sat) - 2018.12.24(Mon)
    Mondays (Except 12/24)
    11:00 - 19:00
    Tokyo Arts and Space, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
    Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo
    HOMMA Mei, Okui Lala, Syaiful Garibaldi

Three artists who speak three different languages -- Indonesian, Chinese, and Japanese -- exhibit works dealing with words. Despite the three artists hailing from different places and speaking different languages, they are able to cobble together a form of communication such as speaking Indonesian and Malay mixed with English. Through the subjects' experiences living in a multiethnic society, this project searches for the kind of culture and identities that one simply cannot perceive through a shared language, investigates history facts, and generates an idealized form of communication via various different languages.


12/1 (Sat.) 16:00-17:00
Talk "Translating Ourselves"
by Okui Lala

12/8 (Sat.) 15:00-
Workshop "Words Exercise"

Facilitator: TAKI Asako
*Booking required

12/22 (Sat.) ①16:00- ②17:00-
Workshop "Making New Letters"
by Syaiful Garibaldi
*Booking required

HOMMA Mei About a missing woman from Java found in the Buru Island 2018 Video

Okui Lala My language proficiency 2017 Video

Syaiful Garibaldi New work (reference image) 2018


Born in 1985, based in Bandung (Indonesia) and Tokyo. Graduated with an MA Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts. With researches on historical relationships between Indonesia and Japan from the early modern period to the present times, Homma explores social and political issues would happen in any period and multilateral relationships in her artworks.

Okui Lala
Born in 1991, based in Penang and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Graduated with Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons) in Media Arts from Multimedia University, Malaysia. Okui looks into her own translation process through a video, performance and installation, as she is a fourth-generation immigrant with the multilingual background. She explores the relations of the borders and identities of herself in extension with the larger social, cultural and political milieu.

Syaiful Garibaldi
Born in 1985, based in Bandung (Indonesia). Graduated with BA Fine Art, Fine Art and Design, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia. With an interest in microorganisms that decompose even human beings, Garibaldi makes artworks through many kinds of mediums with his quirky aesthetic sense such as drawings of microorganisms and fungi, objects using mushrooms, videos of worms looked through a microscope, and installations etc.