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Théâtre Musical Tokyo (TMT)|Keiko YONEDA (1912-1992): Her Works and Life

OPEN SITE 2018-2019 Open Call Program【Performance】


  • Date:
    2018.12.21(Fri) - 2018.12.24(Mon)
    ¥2,000(Booking required)
    Tokyo Arts and Space, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
    12/21(Fri.) 19:00-
    12/22(Sat.) 14:00- / 19:00-
    12/23(Sun.) 14:00- / 19:00-
    12/24(Mon.) 14:00-
    *The exhibition is held an hour before

    INOUE Satoko (Piano), OKA Chiho (Sound artist), ONO Ryuichi (Musician), KONO Satoko (Poet), SAKAMOTO Kota (Tuba), HAIMACHI Rei (Composer, critic), BABA Musashi (Conductor), HIGUCHI Teppei (Composer), FUSE Rintaro (Artist)

―Yoneda Keiko (1912 - 1992), an artist born during the pre-war period, and the unique works she left behind depicting a turbulent, recently defeated Japan are still practically unknown even today.―
 This lecture and performance will include a performance of Yoneda's piano works together with a lecture on her life while simultaneously interpreting her methodology for a modern audience, presenting the audience with a newly produced sound art and installation piece.


After Talk
A talk will be held after the performance of 12/22(Sat.) 14:00-.
Guest: SASAKI Atsushi (Critic, Leader of HEADZ)
Artist: KONO Satoko, HAIMACHI Rei, HIGUCHI Teppei
*Available only in Japanese.


Formed in October 2016 by Sakamoto Kota, Baba Musashi and Higuchi Teppei, three musicians who met in Berlin. The current members work in a variety of different fields such as poetry, fine art, and theater, pursuing new forms of expression through their theater pieces. They have held performances up to now in Berlin, Darmstadt, and Tokyo.