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Fiona Amundsen

Country(activity based):
New Zealand
Visual Arts


Born in 1973. Graduated from Waikato University in 2005.
Recent 5 main activities are:
• Negative Horizon: 5th International Video Art Exhibition, 2016, Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei, Taiwan (project with Tim Corballis)
• Like a Body Without Skin, 2015, Neu Kirche Contemporary Art Centre, Pittsburgh, USA
• 8th Asia Pacific Triennial, 2015, Queensland Museum of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia (project with Luke Willis Thompson)
• Imperial Body, 2015, Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand
• Imperial Double Take, 2015, Objectifs: Centre for Photography and Film, Singapore

Fiona Amundsen's recent photographic and video projects have focused on the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park (The First City in History) 2010, the 1941 Japanese initiated Pearl Harbour attack (Operation Magic) 2013, Yasukuni Shrine and the ancestry based plight of Japanese American Ben Kuroki (Imperial Body) 2014, the American initiated Battle of Okinawa (Violent Wind of Steel) 2014, the Japanese occupation of Singapore and its relationship to the Indian National Army (Imperial Double Take) 2015, the firebombing of Tokyo and America's steel manufacturing industries (Like a Body Without Skin) 2015/16, and the imprisonment and subsequent breakout of Japanese POWs in Cowra, Australia (Community Honour) 2016/17. She has recently published a book, also titled The Imperial Body, with Split/Fountain.

About works / performance

1_Fiona Amundsen.jpg

Way of Life 2016, HD Single Channel Video, 13mins 35sec

2_Fiona Amundsen.jpg

To Each Other 2016, HD Single Channel Video, 13mins 15sec

3_Fiona Amundsen.jpg

Machine Wind 2015, HD Single Channel Video, 10mins 52 sec (Made in collaboration with Tim Corballis)

4_Fiona Amundsen.jpg

Rocks at the Cowra Japanese Garden, Cowra, 01/09/2016 (these spirits travel) 2016, Inkjet Photograph, 1350 x 910mm

5_Fiona Amundesn.jpg

Cold Blast Main, Carrie Furnace, Pittsburgh, 14/10/2015 (skin; yours and mine) 2015, Inkjet Photograph, 1350 x 910mm

6_Fiona Amundsen.jpg

Trees on the Cliff Tops of Mabuni Hill, Itoman City, Okinawa, 21/09/2014, 6.33 (spirit wind) 2014, Inkjet Photograph, 1000 x 800mm


This project’s title, 'Fallen Words', is a translation of the Japanese form of storytelling rakugo which relies on limited props and gestures, meaning imagination is fundamental to the telling of a story. Although rakugo is aligned with comedy, its origins are loosely linked to kamishibai, a form of storytelling that uses images to communicate stories with moral undertones. Both rakugo and kamishibai emerged from Buddhist traditions. While they have diverged into their own unique forms of storytelling, with distinct methods, kamishibai in particular has been used to reference Japan’s military histories. Accordingly, this visual arts project aims to research and work with forms of storytelling (such as imagination and abstraction) to visualise, through lens-based media, the complexities of Tokyo’s incendiary firebombing during WWII.