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Karolina Breguła

Country(activity based):
Photography, Film


Born in 1979. Holds a Phd from the National Film School in Łodz, Poland.

Recent 5 main activities:
2017 Photophobia, Labirynt Gallery, Lublin (solo exhibition)
2016 Office for Monument Construction, Market Gallery Glasgow International (solo exhibition)
2016 Renovation, a word disgusting like a cokroach, Arsenał Gallery, Białystok, Poland (solo exhibition)
2016 The Tower, FidMarseille Film Festival, Marseille, France (film screening)
2016 Office for Monumnet Construction, Gdynia Film Festival, Poland (film screening)
2016 It happened tomorrow, Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia (group exhibition)

Karolina Breguła (born 1979) - a visual artist working with film and photography. She has performed and exhibited in places such as the Venice Art Biennale (Italy), Jewish Museum in New York (USA), National Museum in Warsaw (Poland) and Zachęta Natonal Gallery in Warsaw (Poland). She has received numerous awards including Golden Claw at Gdynia Film Festival 2016, Views 2013 or Samsung Art Master 2007, Polish Ministry of Culture Scholarship, Młoda Polska and Visegrad Scholarship. She holds a PhD from the National Film Television and Theatre School in Łódź and teaches at the Art Academy in Szczecin in Poland Poland. She lives and works in Warsaw.

About works / performance

Histories of Art, photography series, 2015

Histories of Art, photography series, 2016

Office for Monument Construction, film still, 2016

The Towr, Fire-Followers, film still, 2016

Photophobia, film still, 2016

The Street, film still, photography, 2013


The project I will be working on in the framework of the residence is a sound and video installation under a working title „Singing Sculpture”. The video will be a story about an old rusty metal sculpture placed in a public space of a small town. The sculpture suddenly wakes up to life and starts to communicate with the passers-by. At first the object sings quietly which is a source of pleasure and amusement for the inhabitants of the town. However, as the singing becomes more frequent and louder, the messages behind the songs become clearer and the object will eventually becomes a source of irritation.