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Andrea Canepa

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Born in 1980. Graduated from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia with a Master in Visual Arts and Multimedia in 2008.
Recent 5 main activities are:
Exhibition "Viaja y no lo escribas" /2016/ La Casa Encendida-Madrid
Exhibition "Perdidos en la ciudad" /2016/ IVAM-Valencia
Exhibition "No sabemos volver solos" /2016/ MATADERO-Madrid
Artist in residence at "Ranchito" /2016/ MATADERO-Madrid.
Artist in residence at Gasworks /2015/ Gasworks-London

In 2014 she was awarded with the Young Artist's Prize at ARCO Madrid, the PULSE Prize at PULSE Miami Beach, and the Miquel Casablancas Prize at Sant Andreu Contemporani, Barcelona and in 2013 with the Generaciones Award given by Montemadrid Foundation and the Endesa Grant given by Fundacion Endesa in Spain. She has been an artist in residency at Gasworks- London, MATADERO - Madrid, Cité des Arts - Paris and in Slade Research Center at the UCL Slade School of Fine Arts - London. Her Works are in Collections like CA2M: Centro 2 de Mayo, IVAM, Fundación Montemadrid, Museo Provincial de Teruel, Fundación Endesa, DKV Arte y Salud and Inelcom in Spain and MASM, Museo de Arte de la Universidad Mayor de San Marcos in Peru.

About works / performance

1_Andrea Canepa.jpg

lacquered wood. variable dimensions. 2016

2_Andrea Canepa.jpg

El lugar que corresponde
62 postcards, acrylic, metal. variable dimensions. 2015

3_Andrea Canepa.jpg
A second chance to rephrase the question
wool on tapestry canvas. 27 x 37 x 4 cm. 2013

4_Andrea Canepa.jpg

Untitled (flags)
Synthetic fabric, wood sticks, nylon thread. variable measures. 2014

5_Andrea Canepa.jpg

Connect the dots
gouache and pen on paper. 149 cm x 98 cm. 2014


I have always been interested in the way we organize the world as an attempt to control that which escapes the limits of our understanding. We tend to organize, categorize and manage reality as if it were a set of isolated and independent phenomena, creating systems we end up taking for granted. The starting point of my work usually comes from the action of rearranging the order of elements within these systems, using a different organization criterion. These modifications often release certain meanings that were hidden under the logic that was imposed and assumed as the ‘correct’ one. Through my artwork I try to address the fact that the regularity of our world obeys a set of rules that, perfectly so, could have been entirely different.