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Creator Information


Antonio Chacón

Country(activity based):
Visual Art


Final educational background:
Bachelor of Fine Arts at "La Esmeralda" school of painting and sculpture in Mexico.

Recent 5 main activities (personal exhibitions, group exhibitions, concerts) are
-Illustrations for "Sinapia", published by Fondo de Cultura Económica and La Jaula Abierta, Mexico, 2018
-"Columns" (wood sculptures) Exhibition at the Contemporary Music Festival at Burriana exhibition Hall, 2018
-"Butterflies"International Ice Sculpture Competition Exhibit, Valloire France, 2017
-Illustration for chapter 8 of "The Red Book" Vol. IV, Fondo de Cultura Económica, Mexico City, 2016
-"Mar Profundidad". First exhibit of the "Isosteles Estudi" collective at the Almazora warehouse Hall, Spain, 2015.

Other activities (including awards received) are
-Video-art prize "Espacio 88" organized by Instituto Cervantes, 2018
-Second prize at the ice sculpture competition in Valloire, France, 2017
-Second prize at the festival of snow sculptures of Kiruna, Sweden. 2013

I was born in Mexico City in 1976 and studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts. My work has been shown as part of different exhibits in Mexico, Japan and many Europian countries. Now I live and work by the Mediterranean sea of Spain.

About works / performance


Partition screen, 2017, acrilic, ink charcoal and poliuretan over wood veneer. 244 x 488 cm, Photo by Narso Vera


street, 2013, acrilic, ink and poliutetan over wood veneer. 55 x 110 cm

Puente III.png

Bridge III, 2011, acrilic, ink and poliuretan over wood veneer. 80 x 80 cm


Eclipse, 2012, acrilic, ink and poliuretan over wood veneer. 20 x 20 cm


Lisboapixel, 2017, Digital graphic, variable measures.


Observatoriometry, 2013, Digital graphic, variable measures.


I started my artistic carrier drawing and painting, but from the more recent years, I have been exploring different disciplines such as sculpture with ephemeral materials, like snow and ice, two-dimensional interventions on wood, and video art. In any of my creations, I intend show my reflections about geometric and abstract shapes, and how the interact among them, around the concept of aesthetical beauty. When working with video, I intend to abstract the beauty of single moments of the everyday life; I intervene the timeline to encourage a more deliberate reflection on the passage of time and how slowing down or accelerating it can highlight the beauty of simple moments that usually can be unnoticed.