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Clémence Choquet & Mickaël Gamio

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Visual Art


Born in 1987 and 1986. Graduated from the HEAR, Strasbourg, France in 2011.
Recent 5 main activities are :
- granted by Atelier Mondial for a three months residency in TWS / 2017 / Tokyo (JP)
- Exhibition 'Vacance', creation of 6 site specific sculptures-installations for the St Quirin chapel / 2016 / Sélestat (FR)
- Exhibition 'Sporen' Open Sites, exhibition of transnational contemporary creation / 2016 / Ieper (BE)
- Residency in Porto with In extenso, Clermont Ferrand / 2016 / Porto (PT)
- Andra Price 'imagine the memory of the nuclear waste storage facilities for future generations' / 2016 / Paris (FR)

Both graduated from the HEAR (Strasbourg, FR), we have been working as a duo for three years. We have mainly produced site specific sculptures and installations : for the former military bastion (in which we had our workshop provided by the cultural department of Strasbourg for four years), the Vauban weir, the Fabrikculture (a former textile mill), the streets of Porto (PT), the Ieper ramparts (BE), for the St Quirin chapel. Although we mainly work in visual art, we also have a practice of writing (essay, poetry, translation) some of which were published in the magazine Talweg by Pétrole Editions. We have recently received a price from the ANDRA (The French National Radioactive Waste Management Agency) for a project about the memory of the nuclear waste storage facilities for future generations. We are now granted by Atelier Mondial (CH) for our three months residency in Tokyo from January to March 2017.

About works / performance


Section - astonishment 2015 (barrage Vauban, Strasbourg, Fr), ferritic mirror steel, 1000 x 2000 mm


CAUTION 2015 (project for Andra, french agency for radioactive waste management : 'Imagine the memory of the nuclear waste storage facilities for future generations') aluminium sheets, straps, variable dimension


Fortune 2016, tirage project, scans of rocks with light copper color deposits due to frictions with euro cent coins

Clémence _Mickaël_comma-veille.jpg

Veille (entresol) 2016 (Porto, Pt), digital photographs, printing on plotter, 82 x 54,7 cm

Clémence _Mickaël_comma-sentinelles.jpg

Sentinelles 2016 (Ieper's remparts, Be), 4 loopholes made of anthracite stones, different sizes from 74 x 30 x 10.5 and 230 x 30 x 10.5 cm

Clémence _Mickaël_comma-elevation.jpg

Elévation 2016 (St Quirin chapel, Sélestat, Fr), metal bassin, water, blown glass, hemp rope, Ø 40 cm, variable height

Clémence _Mickaël_comma-dust.jpg

Feu («Excuse my dust») 2016 (St Quirin chapel, Sélestat, Fr), ash, 2 to 3 kg

Clémence _Mickaël_comma-plainte.jpg

Plainte 2016 (St Quirin chapel, Sélestat, Fr), ash plinth, about 70m

Clémence _Mickaël_comma-aspiration.jpg

Feu (aspiration) 2016 (St Quirin chapel, Sélestat, Fr), wax candles from church, 60 x 20 x 18 cm


Our researches revolve around the notions of limits and circumference. We attempt to interact and interfere with the physical, historical and architectural specifics of the spaces our sculptures become parts. Our pieces refer to the human body by confrontation, by contact - contiguity and continuity - and relation more than by representation.

The forms and materials of our pieces could refer to the body's size, its verticality, its weight, its temporality, its condition - a materiality which may protect him as well as it can threaten it (soap, water, metal, ashes...). In every piece we attempt to deal with a new way to stand up to and to measure the constant strength which is necessary for a form to remain still, to maintain its cohesion.