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Marc Caellas

Country(activity based):
Performing Art (Writing)


Recent 5 main activities (personal exhibitions, group exhibitions, concerts) are

- Robert Walser's walk, Museo del Chopo, Ciudad de México, 2018

- Juego de Cartas, CCEMX, Ciudad de México, 2018

- The greek soul, a live magazine in theater, Caixaforum, Barcelona, 2018

- Drogotá, Colombia, 2017

- Come en casa Borges, Barcelona, 2017

Marc Caellas (Barcelona, 1974) is a theatre director, writer and curator of cultural proposals that are a hybrid of literature, stage and contemporary art.

About works / performance

1_Marc Caellas.png

El Paseo de Robert Walser, 2017

2.nadia leyendo_Marc Caellas.png

Juego de cartas, 2018

3.Drogotá Gamberg_Marc Caellas.png

Drogotá, 2017

4_Marc Caellas.png

El perico tumba la paloma, 2016

5.cuerposerrano_Marc Caellas.png

Cuerpo serrano, 2015


When I read Jiro Taniguchi’s The Walking Man and I noticed the amazing bonds between Taniguchi and Robert Walser, in their way of looking at ordinary thing with new eyes. The Walking Man is gentle, friendly, and observant, fully enjoying his richly details. The Walking Man reflects one side of the Japanese character: the love of nature, the quiet curiosity, the appreciation of simple pleasures and small details. The Walking Man is only concerned with the Walking Man and just how much he walks.