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Kim Dohee

Country(activity based):
Visual Art


Earned Master degrees in Fine Art from Hongik University in 2006.

Recent 5 main activities (personal exhibitions, group exhibitions, concerts) are
-"Root of Tongue", solo, Jean gallery, Seoul, 2017
-"The Arrival of New Woman", group, MMCA, Seoul, 2017
-"Made In Korea", group, Meymac center, France, 2016
-"REAL DMZ Dong Song Sewol", group, Art Sonje Center, Seoul, 2015
-"Young Korea Artist 2014", group, MMCA, Gwacheon, 2014

Other activities (including awards received) are
-Support of Creat Art, Seoul Art Foundation,2017,2015,2004
-Support for Next Generation of Human Resources Project, Korea Arts Council, 2011
-Project Grants, Seoul Art Foundation, 2008-2009

Dohee Kim Constantly studied the process of self-consiousness in order to overcome her pain and to restore her sense of existance. The psychological and seneous stimuli in her work do not have a abstract intention. Their intention is to get the current time. Kim's major exhibition include <Root of Tongue>(Jean gallery, Seoul, 2017),<The Arrival of New Woman>(MMCA Deoksugung,2017),<Real DMZ PROJECT 2015:Live Time of Dongsong>(Town of Dongsong, Cheorwon, Art sonje Center, Seoul, 2015), and <Young Korean Artist>(MMCA Gwacheon,2014)

About works / performance

Kim Dohee_Waves in the Blood.png
Waves in the Blood, 2017, used fish box, blue enamel paint, various size, Solo Exhibiton, The Root of Tongue, Jean gallery, 2017

Kim Dohee_The Beach under the Skin.png
The Beach under the Skin, 2017, ground walls, wall dust, various size, Solo Exhibiton, The Root of Tongue, Jean gallery, 2017

Kim Dohee_Saewookkang.png
Saewookkang, 2017, digital print

Kim Dohee_wall stealth floor.png
Wall_Stealth_Floor, 2016, performance, a burnt prostitution building

Kim Dohee_Bed Wetting.png
Bed Wetting, 2014, children's urine on paper,840x300cm, 2014Young Korean Artist, MMCA

Kim Dohee_Moon Illusion.png
Moon Illusion, 2012, single channel video installation,sound, breast milk,5min4sec


I am inspired by the impulses of the body that resist the anxiety of paralysis and extinction. My work is a site of irresistible paradox that can not be denied and a body in which tension is maintained. As if set a counter fire, I keep track of the sensory elements in order to face the phenomenon that is caused by internal experiences or pain and then the elements are deconstructed or amplified. Overall, I've used a bizarre metaphor made by a combination of excessive sensations, obsessive behavior, and irrelevant things. Depending on the subject, various methods such as photographs, essays, installations, and performances are used to find psychological interferences with viewers as existential being.