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Luis Grane

Country(activity based):
United States
Visual Art


Born in 1967.
Recent 5 main activities are Quiet Snap 2016 Los Angeles County Store, Los Angeles; Concieve 2015 (group Exhibition) The Hud Gallery, Los Angeles; Snarky Pop 2015 ArtShare LA Los Angeles. Comissioned a mural for a Youth Hostel in the historic centre in Mexico City.
Visual design for an upcoming virtual reality experience.

I've been producing murals in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Mexico City, Mexico and had been selected to create a mural for the city of South Pasadena in Los Angeles in October of 2016. My art video "Cellular Video" has been presented in festivals and venues in the US, Europe and Argentina. I'm doing visual development art for an upcoming Warner Brothers production and working on the visual design of a stage production here in the USA.

About works / performance

Luis Grane_Split.jpg

2016 Acrylic on canvas

Luis Grane_cleanse.jpg
Cleanse (detail)
2016 Acrylic on canvas

Luis Grane_BLM.jpg
Black lives matter
2016 Acrylic on canvas

Luis Grane_walking distance.jpg
2016 Silk screen print

Luis Grane_Rano.jpg

Luis Grane_Followers.jpg


My work consists in sequences of characters and abstract shapes in movement. I intent to freeze my impressions of daily life or personal moments through paintings and murals, and then give life them back through animation or video installations. Very often, using whimsical figures and satire to reflect aspects of daily life and society that concern me.

I’m strongly influenced by the iconography of Mesoamerican art, Mexican muralism and the US west coast street art. I always look for strong shapes often surrounded by decorative patterns. Like in Jazz improvisation, a defined underneath structure, with playful ornaments that decorate and embellish that foundation. Very often, using whimsical figures and satire I like to reflect aspects of daily life and society that concern me. I work in different mediums, large format canvases, murals, pen and ink and watercolor and also multimedia (because of my background in animation and visual effects).