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GU Minja

Country(activity based):
South Korea / Belgium
Visual Art


Graduated from Korea National University of Arts in 2008.

Recent 5 main activities (personal exhibitions, group exhibitions, concerts) are
-"Korean Artist Prize 2018", group, MMCA, Seoul, Seoul, 2018
-"Seoul Mediacity Biennale : Eu Zên ", group, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, 2018
-"Inside the Belly of Monstro", solo, Citadellaan 7, Gent, 2018
-"The Great Machine IV", group, J. Trepat Museum, Tarrega, 2017
-"The Empty Foxhole", HISK, Gent, 2016

Other activities (including awards received) are
-Gasworks Residency Program, London, 2016
-New Production Support Award, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, Korea, 2014
-SongEun Arts Award, Excellence Prize, Seoul, 2010

Minja Gu is a visual artist working in different media based on performative actions. She had solo exhibitions in Seoul, New York, and Ghent, and participated in many group shows nationally and internationally; in Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei, Arko Art Center, Seoul, Witte de With, Rotterdam, Art Sonje Center, Seoul and so on. Recnetly she participated in HISK program, Gent and in 2018, She was selected as one of the four sponsored artists for the Korea Artist Prize, an annual award and exhibition co-organized by MMCA and SBS Foundation.

About works / performance

'Island of the Day Before, island of the Day After_Minja Gu.png
"Island of the Day Before, island of the Day After", Mixed media Installation including 4 channel video, 2018

Inside the Belly of Monstro _Minja Gu.png
"Inside the Belly of Monstro", Mixed media Installation, 2018

23_59_60_Minja Gu.png
"23:59:60", Installation, Printed on silk, 2015,2018

Hill, Hill and Hills_Minja Gu.png
"Hill, Hill and Hills", Single channel video, 2016

Pasta Nowadays_Minja Gu.png
"Pasta Nowadays", Performance, 2016

Leaking Pipe_Minja Gu.png
"Leaking Pipe", Installation, Participation, 2015, 2016


Minja Gu’s work is based on personal performances that observe and question daily behaviors, which in turn are projected through various media including photography, video, installation, and drawing. Mostly her works start to set up a certain structure or condition which brought from socially perceived implications in different manner, and go on through making some performers or herself participate in the process in performative acts. The context is revealed while the frame is activated in parallel or parasitic to the activities of living sphere. Through the process of her artwork, she seem to find a small hole where she could intervene in society for the moment of escaping from it. At the same time, she intend to make people to notice the social frames again and to express insistence or gentle but stubborn resistance.