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Evan Jacoby

Country(activity based):
United States
Visual Art (Video)


Born in 1994. Will graduate from Bard College in 2017.


Often when people look at disasters and those affected by them, they look primarily at grief and suffering,painting a largely incomplete picture. People respond to disasters in unique ways; some try to mend what was broke, others try to ignore it, and yet others use them as an opportunity for change and seek a differentlife. I would like to speak with people who experienced the earthquake, and following radioactive fallout, in Touhoku, but rather than focussing on the tragedy of the event, I am more interested in how it affectedthem, individually, as people—if it resulted in them changing professions, moving away from a family home, choosing to stay at the potential risk of their health, etc. My ideal finished work would be two or three people’s stories—not of the event, but of how it changed them(or didn’t change them) in the years to come.