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Haruka Kojin

Country(activity based):
Visual Art


Born in Hiroshima in 1983.
Completed her Master degree at the Department of Inter Media Art, Tokyo University of the Arts.


Group exhibitions
2008  "Eyes and Curiosity", Soka Art Center, Taipei
          "Quando vidas se tornam forma: diálogo com o futuro Brasil / Japão",
            Museu de Arte Moderna, Sao Paulo
          "MOT collection", Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
2007  "Space for your future", Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo Prize


2008  Graduation Works Purchase-Award, year 2007
          Grand Prix "Art Award Tokyo"

About works / performance

Sketch #1 for "cracker drawing"

When I was looking at the scenery from balcony, I felt that everywhere to a faraway billboard is filled with something. If everywhere is packed with invisible substance called the air, when I push my hand forward here, might the space slant in the further back?


Sketch #2 for "cracker drawing"

What I recalled when I was making my work - a long time ago, at the festival, I played with a lots which has many strings. When I pulled one string, a gift was pulled out from a box at random. 


Cracker Drawing  Medium: party crackers, silken gut(for fishing line) 

Invisible silken gut is roped off infinitely in space. A cracker is installed on a wall toward the space. When it was set off, tapes spring out and get entangled with the silken gut, remaining their shapes after the explosion completely in the space.




Walk in 'Ma·Ma Spaghetti'