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Manabu Kanai

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Manabu Kanai is a transdisciplinary artist, born in Tokyo 1983. He received his Ph.D from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2015. Recent exhibitions includes "Parataxis, Everyday Life"(2016, Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle, Australia), "TRANSPRESENTNESS: Inventions and Time of the Androgynous"(2016, VCA Student Gallery, Melbourne, Australia), "A standard for several things", (2014, A-things, Tokyo), "Interpenetrating Spaces, Suspended Coincidence" (2013, Kasárne/Culture Park, Košice, Slovakia) and "Fukakai-No-Literacy"(2013, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan).

While undertaking his research project as a visiting researcher at the Centre For Ideas, the University of Melbourne in 2015 - 2016 with the support of Pola Art Foundation Fellowship and participating a residency program in Western Australia, he is working and exploring, beyond the distinction between disciplinarities and the national/international, towards the genesis of human beings' act of art.

About works / performance


Parataxis, Everyday Life, 2016, space, stone, MDF, perspex, acrylic paint, pastel


I Am Ocean and I Am Mountain, 2016, wall, fabric, stone, steel rod, acrylic paint


I Would Prefer Not To (From Surface to Mass), 2016, fabric, foamcore board, acrylic paint


Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft, 2014, space, wood, house paint, water-soluble pastel


A standard for several things, 2014, space, inkjet printed PET film, corrugated plastic, wood, permacel tape, perspex


Supposing the creation of art is not about expressing something within the existing forms such as painting and sculpture nor investigating conventional disciplines, but about inventing a form itself (a form of language / a system of notation) on which we base our articulation per se through associating inorganic matters. In what kind of spatiotemporality can the invention happen? In referring to the ideas of polyrhythm and multi entendre, Kanai explores the dynamism that is variably generated by shapes, colors, weights and behavior of materials and attempts to pack the dynamism into a single and static art form/a specific visual language, while he simultaneously emphasizes and mediates the incompatibility and the flux between materials.