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Yusuke Kamata

Country(activity based):
Visual art, Architecture


Born in 1984 in Kanagawa, Japan. Graduated with MFA Intermedia Art from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2013. He showed works at several exhibitions such as "Kaetemiru-Time For A Change" (2016, Aomori Contemporary Art Centre), "Tsushima Art Fantasia" (2016,Tsushima island ), "clairvoyance" (2016,Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum ), "Diagram of the radius 7km " (2015, Erismann House ), "Artist Draft 2014" (2014,Kyoto Art Center), and more.

He exposes the distortion inherent in architecture and history through his works, which are built upon extensive research into the connection between war and the energy industry as well as the architectural and modern histories of Japan.

About works / performance

Yusuke Kamata_work1.jpg

The House, 2016, video installation, 15min

Yusuke Kamata_work2.jpg

D Construction Atlas, 2014, H2400×W6000×D1500(mm), Aluminum channel, Acrylic, Iron, Timber, Ink-jet print, ©Omote Nobutada

Yusuke Kamata_work3.jpg

Atlas of Destruction and Construction, 2013, H7000×W4500×D6000(mm), DAluminum, Acrylic, F lamp, Timber, Ink-jet print

Yusuke Kamata_work4.jpg

D Structure Atlas, 2013, H2400×W2500×D6000(mm), aluminium, glass, acrylic, inkjet print, mirror and plastic, © Hajime Kato

Yusuke Kamata_work5.jpg

A Hundred Definitions, 2010, H3000×W3000×D3000(mm), timber, acrylic, © Hajime Kato


My recent project is to seek a way to understand the world not only with a single point of view but with several points by a research of history of architecture. The main question for me is how the world was constructed or destroyed, and how we can make future with those past in mind. I hope to function my work as a platform for people to talk how the would should be beyond any ideology by combining esthetic abstractness and social concreteness with a way of making art work including events and subjects from researches of histories such as the one of architecture.