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Lee Sooyoung

Country(activity based):
Visual Art


Born in 1967. Graduated from Seoul National University in 1993.

Recent 5 main Exhibitions and Performances are "Saying, Activists outside of Sentence" (2016/ Daegu, Korea), "Voice of Arrows" (2014/ Incheon, Korea), "Death Wanders" (2011/ Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia), "Interview" (2011/ Seoul, Korea), "Fortune-telling" (2010/ Barcelona, Spain),

I have participated in the residency programs here and there. 'Incheon Art Platform' /Korea, 'Arko Mongolia Nomadic Residency'/ Mongolia, 'The National Art Studio Goyang'/ Korea, 'Hangar'/ Spain, 'Seoul Art Space - Geumcheon'/ Seoul.

About works / performance

1. Sooyoung.jpg

Shaman Fish, 2014, installation


Leaving for the Far Away, 2010, Performance


Wandering Death, 2011, Performance


Ghost and the Marine, 2012, Performance


An ultimate Weapon, 2013, Performance


Drifting Home, 2016, Performance


After trained myself as a shaman, I made the fortune telling projects and spirit-possession performances. I worshiped the spirits of bracken under the moon light in order to listen to the dinosaurs they had ever met in Jurassic period. I’ve been training archery for 4 years. The bursting tension between my body and the target, the subtle sound of the flying arrows in the empty air were performed at a theater. I, in a white dress and long black wig (ghost costume), ran along the marines at the border with North Korea. I had a song of comforting death by the dead camel in the Mongolia steppe.