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Creator Information


Anuk Miladinović

Country(activity based):
Switzerland / Germany
Visual Art


Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts Munich in 2012.

Recent 5 main activities (personal exhibitions, group exhibitions, concerts) are

- "Deep Water Cultures", group, Goethe-Institut, Montreal, 2017

- "Espacio Enter Festival", group, Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, Canarias, 2017

- "Borderland esc", group, Reflektor Gallery and City Gallery, Uzice, 2017

- "ICH NICHT ICH", group, Kunsthaus, Zofingen, 2017

- "BORDERLAND", group, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel, 2017

Other activities are

- Funding from the Expert Committee Movie and Media Art Basel, 2016

- Bavarian Studio Promotion for Fine Artists, 2015-2018

- Project Grant Bavarian Ministry, 2015

Anuk Miladinović was born 1984 in Basel, Switzerland. 2012 she finished her studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Munich. Currently she lives and works in Basel and Munich. Her work contains video art and curating.

About works / performance


RUTH, 2017, HD Video, 16:9


DREAM, 2016, HD Video, 16:9


PARTING, dedicated to RM, 2015, HD Video, 16:9


ORDINANCE, 2014, HD Video, 16:9


KOŠAVA, 2013, HD Video, 16:9


ACCESS, 2012, HD Video, 16:9


Space is a construct, a composition. A setting. This is made obvious in the artist’s videos. At the same time, the composed spaces seem like disturbing worlds. You can descend into them, as if into the subconscious. They contain, however, no emotional depths in epic form; rather, what is revealed is a complete emptiness, which seems all the deeper. The observer is thrown back upon himself. Some fill this void with laughing, others with a sense of unease. Far from any clear moral or symbol, Miladinovićs videos present an emotionless world, which provides room for emotions—but they remain indistinct, teetering, a little stuck in the throat.
Text from Greta Hoheisel