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Chika Matsuda

Country(activity based):
Visual Art


Graduated from University of Arizona School of Arts in 2010.

Recent 5 main activities (personal exhibitions, group exhibitions, concerts) are

- "Timeshare: Reframed", group, ZAHA HADID Building, NY, U.S.A. 2017

- "Hey, You're Home Early?", group (as Earless Mouth/Mouse), Refinery Art Space, Nelson, New Zealand, 2017

- "Gifu Land of Clear Water Art Festival Art Award IN THE CUBE 2017", group (as Earless Mouth/Mouse), The Museum of Fine Arts Gigu, Gifu, 2017

- "Touch with Skin", group (as Earless Mouth/Mouse), Shiga Kogen Roman Museum, Nagano, 2016

- "Which one is in the box?" Solo(as Earless Mouth/Mouse), 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, 2016

Other activities (including awards received) are

- Judge's prize (Miwa Masahiro), Gifu Land of Clear Water Art Festival Art Award IN THE CUBE 2017

- Judge's prize (Nakamura Masato), 3331a Art Hack Day, 3331 Arts Chiyoda

- Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Awards, 2008, International Sculpture Center

Matsuda received BA from Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, New Zealand in 2006, then MFA from University of Arizona in 2010. In 2015, she formed an inter-disciplinary art unit "Earless Mouth/Mouse" and the work was selected for the Art Award IN THE CUBE 2017.

About works / performance


Hand power coffee drip machine, 2017. Plaster, motor, wood, pipe, funnel, aluminum tape and stand. 50x50x80cm


Shifting self, 2017. Motor, mannequin, silicone. 30x40x170cm


Which one is in the box?, 2016. Cardboard box, mannequins, plaster, steel. 70x70x180cm


Snail, 2016. Plaster, motor, soil, grass, showcase. 70x150x200cm


Desert and Cymbal, 2014. 1t of sand, cymbal and two-story house.


Sonant, 2012. Bronze. 5x5x5cm


I often use utilitarian objects and make changes to them in the way that denies the purpose that they were made. It is similar to play on words. Art practice to me seem to be a process to grasp the world by re-constructing with my own words that has been constructed by someone else’s words.