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Hanako Murakami

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Visual Art


After receiving her Bachelor of Literature from the University of Tokyo, she received her MA from the Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of New Media. She continued her studies for a year in Belgium with a government scholarship. With a grant from the Pola Art Foundation, she then moved to France, where she joined Le Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Art. She currently lives and works in Paris. Her major solo exhibitions includes "ANTICAMERA(OF THE EYE)", Taka Ishii Gallery(2016); "The Capital Room: Beyond Three Dimensional Logical Pictures: Hanako Murakami", Gallery αM, Tokyo (2015). Her major group exhibitions are, "Panorama 17", Le Fresnoy, Studio National d'Art Contemporain (2015); "Practice of Everyday Life", Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (2011); "Tokyo Story", Tokyo Wonder Site (2010); and "Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale", Niigata (2009).

About works / performance


2015, 33x27cm, print on paper, endless copies
courtesy of Taka Ishii Gallery


The Perfect
2015, 1.2x0.9m, Lambda print mounted on aluminium
courtesy of Taka Ishii Gallery

2.村上華子_Apparition of a Cloud.jpg

Apparition of a Cloud
2013, 18x16cm, daguerreotype
courtesy of Taka Ishii Gallery

3.村上華子_El Fin del Mundo no Llego.jpg
El Fin del Mundo no Llego
2013, 70x50cm, woodblock print on paper(installation view)
courtesy of Taka Ishii Gallery

2015, 175x123cm, silver print by enlarger (detail)
courtesy of Taka Ishii Gallery

5.村上華子_Self-Portrait after St.Veronica.jpg
Self-Portrait after St.Veronica
2015, 400mmx400mm, facial oil blotting paper
courtesy of Taka Ishii Gallery


Until now I have been working on projects which connects narrative imagination (such as personal history of others or myself, or different anecdotes through my journey) and classical reproduction techniques (such as typography or woodblock printing or alternative photography processes), and today I am eager to develop my artworks further. Since my first major in university was philosophy before orienting myself to the contemporary art, I have always been interested in how images are materialized. My work is mainly about the materialization of the images, its origins, and the narrative around it. I am now developing my projects in France, where photography was invented and where I can still find people who practice the earliest photographic methods. So my recent works are some installations inspired from anecdotes around not only the photography but also the reproduction of the images and texts, and also my personal journey through different countries. While realizing my projects, I often collaborate with technicians or artisans, or researchers who can help me. My interest resides in the poetry whilst combining different materials to make an image to emerge, and each encounter with different people with precious knowledge is a source of inspiration for me.