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METASITU (Eduardo Cassina & Liva Dudareva)

Country(activity based):
Athens/Greece and Kiev/Ukraine
Video Art and Urbanism


Liva was born in August of 1984. Graduated from Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh in 2009. Eduardo was born in August of 1986. Graduated from Goldsmiths, London in 2012.
Recent 5 main activities are project "14th District" (2017/Athens, Greece and Slavutych, Ukraine), solo show "Ecumenopolis - The Whole World is One City" (2017/ in Budapest, Hungary), exhibition "Are we Moving?" (2016/metamatic:taf in Athens, Greece), video essay "States, Status, Statues and Statutes"(2016/ Russian Pavilion 15th Venice Biennale in Venice, Italy), video essay "#mariupolwillnotdie #itistheworldthatwillend" (2015/Architecture Ukraine at Izolyatsia in Kiev and Mariupol, Ukraine).

METASITU has participated in several artist residencies - Trauma&Revival in Moscow (RU)&Biella (IT), IdeasCity in Arles (FR), Arc/Migros Foundation in Romainmôtier (CH), Transfer North in Glasgow (UK) and Kirkenes (NO), Izolyatsia in Kiev and Mariupol (UA), DAAR in Bethlehem (PS), Temporary Art Platform in Meziara (LB), Strelka Institute in Moscow (RU) - and have shown their work at The Venice Biennale,, Kunsthalle Wien, The Benaki Museum, Izolyatsia, and the Schusev Museum of Architecture among others.

Besides its artistic practice METASITU is also active in the field of education - curating education programs, re-thinking the format and content of urban studies and research - at the Strelka Institute in Moscow (RU), CANactions in Kiev (UA), TUMO in Yerevan (AR) and Zarya in Vladivostock (RU).

About works / performance

Metasitu_14th district.jpg

14th District, 2017, Installation and publication


States, Status, Statues, Statutes, 2016, video essay 3'39''


Tora Bora, 2016, video installation 7'06''


#mariupolwillnotdie #itistheworldthatwillend, 2015, video essay 8'20''


Memento Loci, 2015, video essay 8'54''


The Visit, 2015, video essay 8'33''


Stop Over City, 2014, video essay 8'42''


METASITU is a collective for developing future spatial scenarios. Often finding solutions by shifting existing paradigms and subverting existing behaviors, re-directing existing systems towards other ends; METASITU’s projects are directed towards innovating strategies for resilience through building a body of knowledge and understanding about the way (urban) territories are inhabited. METASITU practice is framed within the precept of Ecumenopolis, the understanding of the whole World as one continuous urban fabric.