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Creator Information


Kayako Nakashima

Country(activity based):
Visual Art


Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts MA Intermedia Art in 2015

Recent 5 main activities (personal exhibitions, group exhibitions, concerts) are

- "Rokko Meets Art", group, Rokko mountain, Kobe city, 2017

- "Sculpture by the sea 2017", group, Perth, Australia, 2017

- "Open call for art project ideas 2016", group, Hiroshima city museum of contemporary art

- "Setouchi Triennale 2016", group, Kagawa, Japan

- "Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2015", group, Niigata, Japan

Awards received include:

- 2016 Ryo Sawayama Award (Open call for art project ideas 2016)

About works / performance


Stains and outlines, 2013, clotu, India ink, pottery


Time falls, 2016, house, acrylic board, Seiji Toyonaga


Impulse of the hand, 2016, resin


Golden repair, 2015, house, gold leaf, Seiji Toyonaga


Transition House, 2013, House, acrylic resin, Takashi Hatakeyama


Silence and nostalgia, 2012, India ink, rubber sheet, Takashi Hatakeyama


The theme throughout my wok is “uncontrollable change”. Like the change in season, the growth of plant, time passing by, the movement of population, industrial advancement, and difference in value, changes are always present in our lives. People are challenged by those changes, but at time making use of them. I am interested in how people face these changes and see the beauty in those difficult times. I am very interested in the houses of Taipei. How various styles of architecture seem to organically grow in the city, reminds me of the organic power of humanity. I would like to apply my experience in artist-in-residence to observe Taipei, a city that has continuously gone though violent changes, with a new point of view.