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PHAM Phuong Thao (DAO Thanh Hung & PHAM Phuong Thao)

Country(activity based):
Media Art


Graduated from Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam in 2015

Recent 5 main activities (personal exhibitions, group exhibitions, concerts) are
-E910 - The Class Among Clouds, Telefilm 2017, Ho Chi Minh City, 2017
-Countryside Conservatory - Selected pitching project at Docs Edge Kolkata 2017
-Singing From Behind The Bars, pitching project, Docs port Incheon, Incheon, South Korea, 2016
-The Sacred Trace of Luy Lau, screened at ViFF in Los Angeles, 2013
-A Bicycle Tale, Heritage Art Space, Hanoi, 2013

Other activities (including awards received) are
-"SINGING FROM BEHIND THE BARS" - Best Asian Project Award, Docs Port Incheon 2016
-"THE MEMORY FIXER" - Best Film - "I'm a film maker" Contest

Born in 1991, She got Bachelor in International Relation from Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. In 2013, she directed her first short documentary "The Memory Fixer" and won Best Documentary in 'I'm a Filmmaker' Contest and also produced Vietnam episode The Coffee Trail of BBC program This World with Simon Reeve. Now she is a TV Producer at VTC TV Station in Vietnam. She and Director Dao Thanh Hung has team-up to pursue cinematic projects both in documentary and fiction films.

About works / performance


e910 - A Class Among Clouds, The most beautiful time in lives of Vietnamese fight pilots. 2017. 30 Mins


e910 - A Class Among Clouds, The most beautiful time in lives of Vietnamese fight pilots. 2017. 30 Mins


Singing From Behind the Bars, Documenraty about wild birds protecting in Vietnam. In process.

Countryside Conservatory.png

Countryside Conservatory, Old poor war-veteran opens music school for poor children in village. In process.


This is expected to be a 30-minute documentary, which will explore the youth of Japan, and their barriers to marriage, along with the receptiveness to sexuality, with the approaching of hentai. What have made young Japanese lazy about getting married? Are there the pressures of work and life; or the perspective on the desire to freely pursue their careers and to escape from age-old traditions and values? Leaving this unsolved, Japan is getting older. Through books and mainstream press in Viet Nam, we learn that Japanese are very discreet about private life, and maintain the most traditional cultural values. Is there contradiction between those life styles? This documentary would use antithesis as the main storry-telling method for the film along with stories being told by our characters from different classes of Japan.