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Bella Rune

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Visual Art


Bella Rune studied at Beckman's School of Design in Stockholm and the Chelsea College of Art & Design, London. She cofounded the artist-run gallery Y1/Swe.De in Stockholm. She frequently exhibits her works mainly in Scandinavia, and teaches at Beckman's School of Design and Konstfack in Stockholm.

About works / performance

The last year I've been exploring the possibility of film being used as an exhibition-space where the artwork gets an added time-line. Perhaps working against a script could be a curatorial possibility for art. Perhaps the work with a film is a possible meeting-place and discussion ground for different kind of artist, perhaps even a place where the bottled up energy in the hole left by relational esthetics could flow?


Work-out clothes for Godesses IV-Jacket for Jean Arp's sculpture Demeter
2007 Mixed media 100 X 70cm


Soloshow "Sculpture Park-Cloud 7", Marabouparken
2006 Installation view



Image top:
Happening for Kobra 2006 - 2009
Mixed media presented in film format
Images courtesy Jesper Kouthoofd


I work with Sculpture with performative qualities and socio-esthetic Experiments. I try to find physical manifestation of human dreams and aspirations and the sad and touching consequences of when these fail to deliver.