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Asae Soya

Country(activity based):
Visual Art


Conferred a Doctorate for Painting Major of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 2006.

Recent 5 main activities (personal exhibitions, group exhibitions, concerts) are

- The Collection of the Takamatsu Art Museum +[PLUS] In Spilling Light with Chuta Kimura, 2018, Group Exhibition, TAKAMATSU ART MUSEUM, Kagawa

- "19th DOMANI:The Art of Tomorrow" 2016(-7), Group Exhibition, The National Art Center, Tokyo Japan

- "Rainbow" 2015, Solo Exhibition, Aki Gallery, Taipei Taiwan

- "sora iro" (color of the air), 2013, Solo Exhibition: Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki Japan

- "Ringing" 2010, Solo Exhibition, SHISEIDO GALLERY, Tokyo Japan

Other activities (including awards received) are

- 2014, Granted a fellowship to study in the US for a period of one year Japanese Government Overseas Study

- 2013, Youth Award at Kanagawa Cultural Award

- 2002, VOCA Prize (Grand Prize) at "The Vision of Contemporary Art 2002"

- 2001, Grand Prize at "The 6th Exhibition of Showa Shell Sekiyu Contemporary Art Prize"

Asae Soya is a contemporary artist who creates paintings and installations on the theme of light, color, and physical sensation. In 2006 she obtained her doctorate in fine arts from Tokyo University of the Arts. She held a large-scale solo exhibition at the Mito Art Museum in 2013, and was resident at ISCP in NYC in 2014 as a foreign trainee through the Japan's Cultural Affairs Agency. She currently works in Japan and abroad.

About works / performance


Circles, 2008, 115 x 150 cm (45 9⁄32 × 59 1⁄16 in.), Oil on Cotton on Panel


Circles, 2007, 30 x 162 cm (51 3⁄16 × 63 25⁄32 in.), Oil on Cotton on Panel


Circles, 2010, 180 x 180 cm (70 55⁄64 × 70 55⁄64 in.), Oil on Cotton on Panel


Bathtub, 2001, 164 x 226 cm (64 9⁄16 × 88 31⁄32 in.), Oil on Cotton on Panel


The Light 3, 2009, 162 x 162 cm (63 25⁄32 × 63 25⁄32 in.), Oil on Cotton on Panel


The Light, 2016, 162 x 162 cm (63 25⁄32 × 63 25⁄32 in.), Oil on Cotton on Panel


The Light, 2017, 65.2 x 65.2 cm (25 43⁄64 x 25 43⁄64 in.), Oil on Cotton on Panel


Ringing, 2010, Dimension Variable, Mixed Media, Nacása & Partners Inc.


Ringing Light, 2013, Dimension Variable, Film on Floor and Wall, Nacása & Partners Inc.


sora, 2013, Dimension Variable, Animation, Mirrorball, Nacása & Partners Inc.


I create paintings and installations based on themes of light, color, and physical sensations. My paintings include series such as “Bathtub,” in which I painted a bathroom full of light as a setting to face my own five senses, and “The Light,” in which I depicted the way sunlight pouring through a window changes over time. My installations include “Ringing,” in which I placed parts made with film and other materials around the space to express the scene of colors producing sound and spreading out like ripples that I personally feel when sensing color, and “Sora,” in which I expressed creative energy by projecting an original animation to create a forest of color. These pieces have the inseparable relationship between paintings that are snippets of everyday life, and installations that express what happens inside people when they experience everyday life. I want to create pieces that use various methods of expression to explore human awareness and creative pursuits from multiple angles, and that awaken the rich sensual world innate to us as humans.