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Chinatsu Shimodaira

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Visual Art


I was born in 1983. I finished the Graduate School of Tokyo National University Fine Arts and Music in 2010 department of Inter Media Arts.
My recent main group exhibition was NEXT, "chasm#02" 2014 at Nagano Prefectural culture hall, and Rokko Meats Art, "The First Tree" 2013 at Mt. Rokko, and Tokyo Midtown Art Award, "To-kyo" 2012 at Tokyo Midtown, and TAMAVIVANTⅡ, "implosion point -src-" 2011 at Tama Art University. Solo exhibition was "implosion point" 2010 at INAX Gallery2.

About works / performance


Revolving 2014 Wheel, steel 2.6×2.6×0.7m


Chasm#02 2014 rubber bands, scrap wood 3.5×3.5×8m Shigeru OOIGAWA


The first tree 2013 rubber bands, tree, wire 11×7×7m Mitsutaka KITAMURA


A gentle breeze starts passing 2012 bells, fishing lines 1.8×3.6×2.4m Mitsutaka KITAMURA


To-kyo 2012 latex rubber, motor, steel frame 2.6×1.2×2.6m Mitsutaka KITAMURA

下平千夏1109_implosion point.jpg

Implosion point -src- 2011 rubber bands, steel frame 10×10×8m Mitsutaka KITAMURA


With the ‘boundaries’ that surround us as my long-time theme, I have been mainly creating and exhibiting installation artworks. My art production has recently been conducted with the aim to discover, through ‘spatial experiences,’ our unconscious behaviors and recognition in everyday life, which are controlled by the external forces, and to set them free in the subconscious. As things and events of their original meanings are dissolved and purified, the elements commence sublimating. It is my belief that a methodology to let ourselves loose from the powerful magnetic field that rules us in our unconscious realm and to be released into the subconscious can be found right here.