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Leonor Serrano Rivas

Country(activity based):
United Kingdom
Visual Art


Graduated from MFA Goldsmiths University in 2015.

Recent 5 main activities (personal exhibitions, group exhibitions, concerts) are

- "Itinerarios XIV", group, Botin Foundation, Santander, 2018

- "New Contemporaries 2016", group, ICA and Bluecoat Gallery, London and Liverpool, 2017-2016

- "Recurrent Patterns", solo, Sala Santa Inés, Seville, 2016

- "Young London", group, V22, London, 2018

- "Performing Grounds", group, E-Werk, Freiburg, 2016

Other activities are

- Arts Council of England Grants for the Arts. Curatorial project by Kirsty White. UK. (2017)

- Botín Foundation International Visual Arts Grant. ES (2016/2017)

- New Contemporaries. Bloomberg Philanthropies and Art Council England. UK (2016)

She has exhibited internationally, including Liverpool Biennale ( 2016/ GB); E-Werk, Freiburg (2016/DE); Collection of Russian Museum St. Petersburg/Málaga (2016/ES); ICA London (2016/GB); Arcade Gallery (2016/GB); CAAC, Seville (2016/ES): MUPAM (2016/ES); (solo show) Sala Santa Isabel, Seville (2016/ES); ( solo exhibition) Marta Cervera (2016/ES); Lychee One Gallery, London (2015/GB); Tiro al Blanco, Guadalajara (2015/ MX); (solo show) Espaidos, Terrassa, Barcelona (2014 /ES); (performance) Serpentine Galleries (2014/GB).

About works / performance

The Dream of the Mouth, 2017, Sculpture (plywood, rubbers, leather, glass, metal and wood)

SerranoRivas_4_Decorative Elements (ground,figure).jpg

Decorative Elements (ground/figure), 2017, sculpture, wood, canvas, paint and drawing

SerranoRivas_3_Decorative Elements.jpg
Decorative Elements, 2016, installation, wood, cardboard, foam, steel boning, paper, ropes, copper, photo by Javier Artero

SerranoRivas_5_Without Equivalent Proportions.jpg

Without Equivalent Proportions, 2016, sculpture, paper, boning and ink

SerranoRivas_2_Recurrent Patterns.jpg

Recurrent Patterns, 2016, video installation, wood, fabric, video projection 13m42s, photo by Oscar Romero

SerranoRivas_6_Limbs Describe Curves.jpg

Limbs Describe Curves, 2015, video installation, projection on paper screen, wooden floor


My work explores different mediums and structures in order to create situations between art and architecture, theatre and movement. In it I involve research into historical theories about communication through form, the relationship between the body its movements and design. A hand draws two circles intersecting: on one hand the public, on the other scene’s constructed in performance. The two forces (audience, scene) play its roll within the space created by its encounters: this juncture is my field of research. This journey swings around the spheres claiming (just like Lorca did) poetry in the show. It is no longer a matter of representing, but being at the same time public and actor, audience and prop. It is not theatre, although it could be. I am looking into ‘run-thoughts’ exhibitions able to open up these two circles.