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Eikoh Tanaka

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Visual Art


Born in Kyoto in 1981. Completed MFA degree from Kyoto City University of Arts. He formed artist collective "Antenna" in 2002, and has been participating and got prizes in various exhibitions and film festivals Internationally. After experienced as a lecturer at several art universities, he established and be a director of "Antenna Media", a non-profit organization for cultural activities. As a visual artist, photographer, video director, creative director and project organizer, he practices various creations interdisciplinary. Recent exhibitions : Ourself inside Myself (Nagi Museum Of Contemporary Art, Okayama, 2014), International Video Art Festival Magmart VII (Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Italy, 2013), Power, Where Does the Beauty Lie (SOMA, Seoul, 2012), Japan Media Arts Festival "PARADE" (Hong Kong, 2012), Roppongi Art Night 2012 (Tokyo, 2012).

About works / performance


Ōtonoch, 2016, c-print , H728mm W1030mm


Kamurog, 2016, c-print , H728mm W1030mm


Winter Solstice 14, 2014, c-print , H728mm W1030mm


We See What the Mind Sees, 2014, Inkjet print, Photo installation, variable size


We See What the Mind Sees, 2014, Inkjet print, Photo installation, variable size


I'm working on making it visible and materialize that invisible relations and stories between human and environments. From the process which is inspired from the method to edit videos, I create my artworks by re-editing the human, objects and environments with various images such as videos, objects, and photos. The range of my concept is from myth and cultures to our daily events and trying to find the common point between quantum theories and outlooks on the universe which exists various primitive worships and cultures.