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Krissakorn Thinthupthai

Country(activity based):
Visual Art, Performing Art


Born in 1979 in Surin, Thailand. He came to Bangkok and entered the monkhood when he was young, and has been living in the temple since then. After graduating from Saowapa School of Art and Pohchang Academy of Arts, he began working as prop assistant in many Thai commercials and films, then later joined Kick the Machine company and became the prop master for many of Apichatpong Weerasethakul's short and feature films. Some of his own short films were also shown in Rotterdam, New York, Hamburg and many other international film festivals.

2007"""Dusk & Dawn (Yum kum yum Chow), 2007/ Rotterdam International Film Festival.
2008"""Opportunities (O-Kard), 2008/ Rotterdam International Film Festival.
2009"""Kra-sob, 2009/ Thai Take NYC Film festival, Bangkok Experimental Film Festival.
2010""" Now Showing, 2010/ Thai Take NYC Film Festival, Humbug Film Festival.
2012"""Nature of Aberration, 2012/ Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma.
2012"""Dissonant Frequencies, 2012/ made while at the Tokyo Wonder Site's Residency Program, 2011
2013""" The solo show, Krissakorn Thinthupthai "Now Showing"/2013 at ARATANIURANO.

About works / performance

Goh_Dissonant Frequencies, 2012.jpg

Dissonant Frequencies 2012
Film by Krissakorn Thinthuthai


New project long film
Film by Krissakorn Thinthuthai


Film by Krissakorn Thinthuthai


Prop master
Film by Krissakorn Thinthuthai

Goh_Assistant director.jpg

Assistant director VAPOUR/ 2016
Film by Apichatpong Weerasethakul


I think my work by looking the environment, culture and look back to my self. I analyze my past experience and bring it to multiply all of reason. Until its come out to final work.