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Hitomi Usui

Country(activity based):
Visual Art


Graduated from M.F.A. in Woodworking, Tokyo University of the Arts in 2010.

Recent 5 main activities (personal exhibitions, group exhibitions, concerts) are

- "Letters from Craft Artists", group, Tourindou Aoyama, Tokyo, 2017

- "Kinkakuji | Ginkakuji Tea Box Exhibition", group, Ginza Mitsukoshi, Tokyo, 2016

- "The Second New Fueled Crafts International Young Artisans Exhibition -Flame", group, Chinretsukan Gallery (Tokyo University of the Arts), Tokyo, 2016

- "EXHIBITION MATERIAL SYMPHYSIS", group, The Foyer gallery UCA, The Crafts Study Centre, London, 2016

- "2015 Tainan International Wood Art Exhibition", group, Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Centre, Tainan, 2015

Awards received include:

- "Nippon Paint Design Center Award" Nippon Paint Co.,Ltd, 2008

- "Yoshino Japanese Paper Logo Design Award" The First Prize, 2006

About works / performance


nest 001, 2016, cherry/ maple/ branches, w350×d250×h100mm


scene 02, 2016, Japanese cherry/ cherry, w500×d200×h500mm

usui3_bought it online.jpg

Bought it online., 2016, Japanese white birch, dimensions variable

usui4_for gathering.jpg

For Gathering, 2016, oak, w180×d80×h810mm

usui5_ears field.jpg

Ears Field, 2014, oak, w390×d20×h450mm

usui6_come full circle.jpg

come full circle, 2010, chestnut/ raw silk, w870×d110×h150


Born 1980 in Tokyo. Usui graduated from Nihon University College, Department of Marine Science and Resources. In 2004, she entered Tokyo University of the Arts and completed in 2010. Usui works primarily with wood, and her practice focuses on materials, tools, methods, as she imagines a ‘Wood Age’ in prehistory.