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Yukiko Watanabe

Country(activity based):
Sound and Music


Born in 1983. Graduated from Toho Gakuen school of music  in 2007.
Recent main activities are
Hörfest(2010, Austria), 
Steirischer herbst(2010, Austria),
Impuls Akademie (2011, Austira), Time of Music(2011, Finland).

From 2007, she collaborates with a number of artists from variety of genres. For example, Akiko Samukawa (Pianist), Denis Patkovic (Accordion), Kentaro Taki, Masayuki Kawai (Video Art), Jérôme Fortin (Art), Ryoko Aoki (Noh-Theater). In 2008, her first Opera was performed by Ryoko Aoki in Japan. In 2012, her second opera will be performed in Graz. In 2008 she received Scholarship by Nomura Cultural Foundation. From 2009 she has been a recipient of Rohm Music Foundation. Now she studies composition by Prof Beat Furrer at Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Graz.

About works / performance

 I think about my music as a „window". Through the window, people can see another imaginary of the world. I just give them only the frame. I believe that music has power so that people can imagine something new. Music is just sound, if people listen to it passively. But if they try to understand the music actively, then it will be more than sound. The concept of my pieces are always different. But I can find their similarities. I like unperfect things, like landscape that be visible through a window, or individual piece of the puzzle. Those unperfect things stir my imagination. For this reason, I try to make blank space in my piece, it will become free space for listener.

For small piano
2009, piano solo



2008, Noh-Opera

Simme solo
2010, solo soprano