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Tobias Zielony

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Photography / Video


Born in 1973. Graduated from University of Wales 2001 and Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig 2004.
Recent 5 main activities are: Warten, 2017, Kunsthalle Hamburg (group); The Citizen, 2016, Bozar Brussels, Belgium (solo); DB Photography Prize, 2016, Photographer's Gallery, London (group); The Citizen, 2016, KOW Berlin (solo); German Pavilion, 2015 Venice Biennial of Arts (group)

In 2016 I was shortlisted for the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize for my work "The Citizen" that was shown at the German Pavilion at the Venice Bienba of Arts 2015. The work focuses on the life of African refugee activists in Germany. In 2017 a catalogue of the work will be published at Spector Books Leipzig. In autumn 2016 I photographed the underground queer and techno community in Kyiv, Ukraine. The project will likely be shown at a solo at the Von der Heydt-Museum in Wuppertal, Germany.

About works / performance

Ghost 2011

Mini-Bike 2009

Silver 2013

Tobias_The Citizen-2016.jpeg
The Citizen 2016

Tobias_The mirror-2016.jpeg

The mirror 2016


In my artistic work I explore the political and esthetical potencies and limitations of photography and moving images. How can technical images still relate a meaningful to the world in a situation in which reality and the imaginary blend and fact and fiction seem to become one? What is the role of the artist in global crisis of truth, ideologies and the capitalist system as a whole? Looking at the history of the documentary genre in a conceptional way, my aim is to utilize some of its potentials without falling into the trap of objectivity and voyerism.