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【TOKAS Residency】 pompom | A performance by Simo KELLOKUMPU

There will be a performance by Simo KELLOKUMPU at TOKAS Residency in the exhibition "pompom: A choreographic installation by Simo KELLOKUMPU in collaboration with Vincent ROUMAGNAC and Nao Yazawa" on the following dates.

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【TOKAS Residency】 TAKEDA Yusuke: Group exhibition in Taipei

TAKEDA Yusuke, the participating artist in Tokyo-Taipei Exchange Residency Program, takes part in a group exhibition at Treasure Hill Artist Village.

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TOKAS Hongo will be closed for the Year-end and New Year's holiday as follows,

December 25 (Tue.),2018- January 11 (Fri.),2019

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【TOKAS Residency】 Luciana JANAQUI :Open Studio in Madrid

Luciana JANAQUI, the participating artist in Tokyo-Madrid Exchange Residency Program, takes part in the Open Studio at Matadero Madrid.

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【TOKAS Hongo】Announcement of successful candidates for TOKAS-Emerging 2019

"TOKAS-Emerging" is changed to a new program as a open call exhibition for young artists aged 35 and under in this year, from "Emerging" by artists selected from participants of "Tokyo Wonder Wall" (executed 2001-2016).
In "TOKAS-Emerging 2019", 6 emerging artists were selected from 137 applications through the selection by juries.
They will hold solo shows such as painting, sculpture and installation at TOKAS Hongo in 2019.

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【TOKAS Residency】 MUKAI Eriko :Open Studio in Helsinki

MUKAI Eriko, the participating artist in Tokyo-Helsinki Exchange Residency Program, takes part in an Open Studio at HIAP (Helsinki International Artist Programme).

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【News】Film Screening & Talk by Andreas Hartmann on 11/16(Fri)

Andreas HARTMANN, the participating artist in the International Creator Residency Program 2018, will have a screening of his documentary film "A Free Man" on 11/16(Fri) at Goethe-Institut Tokyo.
A talk with a sociologist TERACHI Mikito (Ibaraki University) will be held after the screening.

[Date] 2018/11/16(Fri) 19:00

[Venue] Goethe-Institut Tokyo (7-5-56 Akasaka, Minato-ku Tokyo)

[Admission] Free


Film: Japanese and English subtitle

Talk: With German - Japanese interpreter

For more details: Here (Available in Germen)

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【News】The announcement of the International Selection Committee for "Tokyo Contemporary Art Award 2019-2021"

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Announcement of successful candidates for residency programs 2019

TOKAS is delighted to announce successful candidates for International Creator Residency Program 2019, Local Creator Residency Program 2019 and Research Residency Program 2019.

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【TOKAS Residency】 Announcement of successful candidates for Exchange Residency Program 2018 (Invited creators from abroad).

TOKAS is delighted to announce successful candidates for Exchange Residency Program 2018.

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