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Tokyo Wonder Site 2001-2006'TOKYO IS...'" out for sale now!

"Tokyo Wonder Site 2001-2006 'TOKYO IS...'" is a documentation of all the projects at Tokyo Wonder Site since its opening in 2001 until 2006.
Within these 254 pages information can be found about the different projects and events held at Tokyo Wonder Site, as well as the artists involved.
To this compilation artists and other people from the art world has contributed with valuable information such as essays and interviews.
Don't let this chance to read about Tokyo Wonder Site's projects in international cultural exchange get away!

"Tokyo Wonder Site 2001-2006'TOKYO IS...'" limited edition can be purchased at all TWS facilities, or it can be posted on request.
(Please transfer the amount, the postal fee and bank handling fee to Tokyo Wonder Site.)
Interested are asked to send an e-mail from our homepage in the field marked "contact".

*"Tokyo Wonder Site 2001-2006'TOKYO IS...'":
Price: ¥3,000 (tax included)
Size: wide A4 (W: 227mm, L: 267mm, T: 18mm)
254 pages
*Sales locations:
Tokyo Wonder Site Aoyama Creator-in-Residence
Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo
Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya
Tokyo Wonder Site art cafe "kurage"